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Lost and separated in an abandoned castle set in a frozen wasteland. Your only possession left is a walkie-talkie with a familiar voice on the other end. Can the both of you find your way out in time?

In We Were Here both players are trapped inside an abandoned castle. Player One is confined to a small secluded part of the castle. Player Two roams the castle trying to find Player One. Every room challenges their wits and their ability to communicate clearly, using only their voice.

Are you ready to find out how well you and your friends work together? If you like living on the edge, try playing it with a complete stranger.

  • Inspired by titles such as: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and real-life escape rooms.
  • Both players have a completely different game experience.
  • Explore beautifully crafted environments in and around Castle Rock, Antarctica.
  • Overcome challenging puzzles by working together.
  • Atmospheric thriller setting that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

For the lastest info about We Were Here, check out our social:
Steam: We Were Here
Facebook Page: Facebook.com/WeWereHereGame
Twitter: @WeWereHereGame
Instagram: @TotalMayhemGames
Official Website: TotalMayhemGames.com
YouTube Channel: YouTube.com/c/TotalMayhemGames

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Hello explorers!

5 DAYS LEFT UNTIL THE LAUNCH ON PC! We can't believe it's almost finally here! We know that you're all dying to play the game and we at the same time can't wait to see you all play the game and hear what you guys think! Don't worry, console versions will be following!

To ease the wait pain a little bit, we have a release trailer for you! It will show some areas and in-game footage of We Were Here Forever, some might look familiar if you've been keeping up with our live-action series...

This is our biggest game with over 12 hours of gameplay and many areas for you to explore!
Be sure to let us know what you think about the trailer here or in the YouTube comments. And don't be shy to share it with your explorer partner via social media !

We Were Here live-action series

Are you reading this and thinking: "wait what live-action series?" In 'Chronicles of Castle Rock' the stories of Kees Klokkenmaker are being told, someone who lived in the town of Rockbury. Be sure to watch them to have some inside information about his town and Castle Rock, which might come in handy when you play We Were Here Forever. Currently we've released 4 episodes! Watch the latest one after you finish watching our release trailer ;)

See you in 5 days explorers!

Yours Forever

Total Mayhem Games

Watch The Chronicles of Castle Rock - Episode 3... or join us at PAX East!

Watch The Chronicles of Castle Rock - Episode 3... or join us at PAX East!


Watch Episode 3 of the Chronicles of Castle Rock now! Or get the biggest sneak peek at Pax in the States! Play the demo for We Were Here Forever ahead...

Get your portrait in We Were Here Forever!

Get your portrait in We Were Here Forever!


Join our competition and you could be one of the lucky winners who will get immortalized in We Were Here Forever with a portrait and a backstory within...

Tick tock, a new teaser and closed beta are on the clock

Tick tock, a new teaser and closed beta are on the clock


A new We Were Here Forever teaser trailer reveals that the release date has shifted to Q2 of 2022 in order to ensure the best possible experience for...

We Are Finally Here..completely

We Are Finally Here..completely


We Are Finally Here All Together... On PlayStation!

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