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After so many years the new BETA is out! I hope you people will enjoy it even at this stage.

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Strap your nuts and lets go

This is a -=> BETA <=- so don't start screaming when weird stuff start happening around you!
Go on github and download it Github.com

tda 2022 06 23T213342800Z

Engine: Update to release-20210321
(Big thanks to Penev92 for taking upon himself the big burden of updating the engine!!! I can't stretch enough how important for the project was his huge contribution!!!)
Added new main menu theme by Moods!

tda 2022 06 23T213342800Z   Copy

Engine: Update to release-20200503
Balance: Removed the adv.power plant research, and added per power plant upgrade (you select the power plant and then click the upgrade).
Balance: In order to upgrade power plants you need a communication center builded.
Visual: new icons for the build menu.
Mod: Added save\load system.
Fixed: Dead animation not showing some times when buildings die.
Balance: Faulty Fail Safe Chance for power plant decresed to 5 and 10 from 15 and 30
Added: Selection sounds for power plant
Changed: GDI sniper isignia icon
Changed: Super Weapons enemy reveal range to be smaller.
Added: bounties on planes.
Fixed: the long standing issue with infantry creating corpse animations when walking on tiberium.
Changed: build radius of con yard into 14.
Changed: vision radius of con yards to 14.
Changed: building placement distance, now players can place everywhere inside their build radius.
Changed: capture blink rate to 10
Changed: engineer capture delay to 4 seconds.
Removed: engineer capture proggress bar.
Changed: lobby options
Changed: MOV to be always available from the con yard.
Changed: walls to disallow placement outside building radius.
Changed: BRIK walls build time to 12 seconds, SBAG 8 and CYCL to 4.
Changed: Nod C17 will now come from the player starting position into the map, also changed speed to be faster.
Visual: Added new explosion effects.

tda 2022 06 23T214627391Z


Engine: Update from release-20180923 to release-20190314 (got help from abcdefg and Mustapha)

Tank you people!

Balance: Units under attacked by flame or chem weapons won't go in to prone any more (if a flamethrower is firing at you, going in to prone wont help you, because you will be dead by then, and the same thing with bio weapons).
Visual: Removed ammo pip from sam site.
Balance: Seperated power plants for each faction.
Balance: Huge number of changes in power, health and value of all buildings.
Balance: Engineers wont fix husks any more.
Balance: Engineers and commando can capture transport helis (they get consume tho) Like in the original TD.
Visual: Added new explosion effect to anti tank mines.
Added: Modified shipyards from ra.
Visual: Added the Nod logo to the sub pen ( including damaged version as always, some times I amaze my self ;).
Added: New tiberium weapon logic, all tiberium weapons do damage over time.
Balance: Chem tank and chem trooper do same damage as their flame weapon counter parts.
Added: New navy units, hovercraft (using the openra asset, I edited tho to fix some visual issues), And added a new gunboat ship (beta).
Visual: added new rallypoint buey for the shipyards.
Visual: added new C17 aircraft for nod.
Mod: Re-organized yaml files by adding new and deleting the old ones.
Mod: I added and changed some traits to be more lets say global and generalized (why i am telling you this? well I am kinda proud of my organizing work I did so far).
Visual: added a soft water animation* to the deeper parts of the water tiles
Fixed: some palette data, nothing visual.
Added: 7 new dificulties for bots. Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Impossible, Nightmare
Added: 6 Missing Ford (crossing) tiles in temperat tileset, After painfully converting, cuting, color changing them one by one :'(
Added: A new Category for tiles that are being used as dummy tiles. The new Category name is: System (do Not Use).
Fixed: The following don't use terrain palette any more: Crates, ^TibTree, ^Wall, ^TechBuilding, ^DINO
Added: Imported the full snow tileset from RA, you will ask why not do that for the rest of the tilesets? well have you ever notice why RA terrain color is so.. lets say cold? well if you take a look at the palettes, RA uses less colors for terrain, but TD uses more colors for terrain and that means TD terrain is more colorfull. Since snow comes from RA palette, even if you replace the palette with the TD one(using a program), you will still get an approximation with the same "less" colors, so its the same thing. Not sure how many people know about this.
Added: Power down hotkey.
Balance: Oil Derrick no longer can be repaired after they are destroyed.
Balance: Oil Derrick now gives $500 and only to the first player who captures it.
Balance: Oil Derrick will now give $10 every second.
Fixed: Oil Derrick now uses burn and smoke animation again when gets destroyed.
Fixed: Spellling and typos for renegade and commando icons and description.
Added: RevealOnFire for all artillery type Units.
Fixed: spec ops unit's spreed damage, now the damage area of effect is 0c1.
Balance: Defences or Defenses are no longer capturable.
Added: You can sent supply trucks to enemy players by using ctrl and click.
Fixed: Updated repair\healing logic to a working contidion again.
Added: AI trained units will start with Rank based on thier dificulty, starting from AI Level 5
Added: New Speed option called FTL

Jeffry_Epstein - - 129 comments

It's Nod, not NOD. Unlike GDI, Nod is not an acronym. It's short form for The Brotherhood of Nod. No need to capitalize each letter.

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