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Signs allow you to tell the player everything from jokes to stories, and is just one of the things we've added - read what we've been up to! Also, there's a video!

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It has been a while... again. And we're sorry. You know how it's summer and the weather was really nice? And you know how we spend such nice days, don't you? Thats right! We're studying, sitting inside in the university library. Good times, but that's is not what you're interested in, is it? Fine, let's talk about the game, then.

Wizards attack!

Almost all features are implemented. There are only one or two more big features we want to see in the open beta, so now we can additionally focus on creating new content, as well as polishing the game. Of course, we're also fixing bugs and make the homepage layout more intuitive.


Among the new features are signs. They were something we wanted to implement for a long time now, and we finally got around to it. Signs give you another opportunity (together with room- and dungeonnames) to tell a story with your dungeon. Of course, if you prefer, you can also use them for jokes, if you think the prospect of the player being lost and trapped, surrounded by monsters, is good comedy.

Conveyer Belts

And we're happy to say that we are currently running a
very small "superprivate beta test" that should serve the purpose to eliminate the most cruel and awful bugs. After that's done, the next step will be to start the closed beta. We're not quite sure how many people will end up being involved, but the more interested people we know, the better! So we would be glad if you were willing to take part. You can email us at support@dungeondeities.com if you're interested.
The way things are going right now, we think that this closed beta will start around the end of September.

Finally, here's a new video - a temple showing signs, as well as conveyer belts.

Or watch on YouTube!

Music by James Flamestar.

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback!



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Looks pretty cool and the music is cool too. But in my opinion the music doesn't fit the style and game play too well... maybe something more mystical ... dunno - just wanted to throw that in in case it could help - will keep an eye on your game for sure ;)

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