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A brief explanation on how weapons in Calamer will work.

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There is three types.
Melee: Swords, Daggers, Spears, all those nice and painful objects.
Ranged: Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns
Hybrid: a revolver mixed with a Long sword, A pike merged with a Anti-tank rifle. (The whacky stuff)

How will hybrids work? With a press of a button the mode will change as well as the way you hold the weapon. Example: You have a pike with a Anti-tank rifle, stab a guy in the face and then press the button to swap and you will flip the pike around so you can shoot the giant monster a few feet away planning on having you as a tasty snack.

Weapon customization?
This is something we want to add in but it will most likely depend on how well the Indiegogo goes.

If you have any suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments.

(balance tests will be a big thing that we do)

EOCHiduh Author

This game is going to run alot of extreme balance test and there will never be any thing that's pay to when. We Aim to make it as balanced as possible.

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Many ways to kill that person I dislike? Yay!

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