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The Universim releases latest update featuring space travel.

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Surprise, Surprise!

We know we’re a bit earlier than we promised. Previously, we said we’re going to do Patch releases every other month. But, we’ve been getting a couple of negative reviews on our Steam page from impatient people who feel like we abounded the game. Here at Crytivo, we want to do what we can to avoid negative reviews. The Universim is our baby and we want it to shine. So please if you enjoy The Universim please go ahead and leave us to review here, it means a lot to us.

It’s challenging, but we will try to do updates more frequently now, we’re committed to keeping our fans happy, even it means keeping our developers in the office overnight, every night (they enjoy it so much anyways). Remember our programmers get one extra Redbull per day with every positive review we receive, so let’s pump them up.

This patch comes with a few new toys and some excellent quality-of-life improvements. Going forward, we’ll be spending some time on refactoring existing systems for release alongside the new content. We want to make things a little clearer and tweak features that may be frustrating or confusing. If there are any specific systems you think we should look at, drop us your suggestions below or on Discord! It’s time to polish The Universim to a fine sheen.

Now, let’s get to it!

New Stuff


Yeeaah, baby! We’re finally heading to space! Well, into orbit for now, to be clear. This is the initial release of the Space Cosmodrome, adding functionality to the shell-of-a-building we added to the game in the last patch. You can play around with the glorious new UI (seriously, kudos to our awesome UI artists)! You’ll be able to build Defence Satellites that enable ground-to-air defense capabilities for Defence Towers. Towers will now be able to destroy meteors and other space/air threats that come your way. To improve accuracy and reaction times, you will need to have a few Defence Satellites orbiting around the planet.

Be careful with the parts you choose for your satellites, though! Some parts might not be particularly suitable for your desired satellite. They might have poor lifespans, or, even worse, high failure rates that can cause the satellite to go boom before reaching orbit.

In the future, there will be two additional satellites to choose from. The Communication Satellite and Exploration Satellite. The first will quite clearly allow you to communicate, but who is listening out there in space? The other variety can be sent to distant planets to assess them for colonization. As you can see, there’s some cool stuff coming. Please give the system a go and let us know what you think!


These are specially-trained Nuggets who aim to deliver specially-designed packages to specifically-designated targets. Explosive packages, if that wasn’t clear. Exile Villages may send one or two of these agents your way if you refuse to cooperate with them. Keep an eye and an ear out for screaming. No, not from your frightened citizens. Boomers scream all the way from the Exile Village to your civilization. Stealth isn’t part of their training.

Nuclear Plant

Highly effective at producing energy, but extremely dangerous to keep around. For now, this building will use Fuel to generate electricity, but Uranium will replace ordinary Fuel once you find a constant supply. This building outputs incredible amounts of energy, capable of powering your civilization’s electricity needs almost entirely on its own. However, it requires constant cooling. The cores at the heart of all Nuclear Plants are designed to be cooled by water. A water container is used to feed the cooling system. It depletes over time, and once the water is gone, the core goes into meltdown. Once this occurs, there’s no way to prevent the Nuclear Plant from exploding, releasing radioactive pollution that will last for years. This will cause your Nuggets to constantly get sick, requiring more Hospitals to keep the civilization somewhat functional.

We are reworking the pollution system as a result of this, to ensure you receive better feedback on what’s going on.

Solar Panels

It’s basically free energy. No pollution to worry about, zero cost to keep it running once its built, and pretty much an all-around guilt-free energy generator. It’s not as effective as other sources of electricity, but it won’t slowly suffocate the planet like the rest. They’ll even follow the direction of the sun. Cool, huh? Build a farm of these and show us your design!

Massage Salon Upgrade

Nuggets have never looked so relaxed! They must have had a refreshing stay at one of the new massage palaces. They work hard, so why not treat them to some me-time?


Nuggets are positively glowing by the time they leave this building, especially if they went to the spa just before. They may look a little silly, depending on their personal styles, but a great makeover makes anyone feel special. Get your cowsmetics, right here!


Reduced oxygen level will cause nuggets sickness. The lower the oxygen level the higher chance for the nuggets to get sick. If the oxygen level will reach 15% or below, nuggets will start slowly to die out. Keep planting more trees in order to help your civilization to sustain on the planet. Add parks in order to ensure further development of your civilization.

Twitch Elections

A new addition to our twitch integration system is the ability to vote in civilization elections via twitch chat. This will let chat members decide who will become the leader of the planet! Also chat member nugget are now prioritized for elections, so chat member nuggets will always end up in the race.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Modern Lizard Candy building bugs.
  • Fixed: Modern Hair Salon issues.
  • Fixed: Modern Forecast Tower Making Nuggets invisible
  • Fixed: Tudor Houses being rotated after loading a save.
  • Fixed: Wind Turbine orientation weirdness.
  • Fixed an audio issue with the defense tower during the attack
  • Fixed UI Shadow was missing in the voting panel
  • Fixed certain fields in the twitch settings allowed to set a negative values leading to multiple issues in the game
  • Fixed changing the time during a vote allowed to change the voting time immediately
  • Fixed an issue where dead nugget was still registered in the alive nugget list causing the major issues in the game when different effects were applied to a dead nugget
  • Fixed an issue with the Fear side of the temple which added extra HP to the nuggets, but switching from Fear to Love side was not removing added HP from nuggets correctly
  • Fixed clicking and dragging the planet was not always correctly registering the movement of the mouse.
  • Fixed modern forecast tower was missing the audio source leading to missing sounds of the building
  • Fixed a bug where tooltip from a resources pile stayed on a screen after clicking on it
  • Fixed clickable area of the modern temple was very small, causing issues of not being able to click on it
  • Fixed voting panel colors and scale as it was getting wider due to screen resolution
  • Fixed an issue where multiple sounds in the game were missing due to sounds restriction rules in the game
  • Fixed an issue where more only 3 nuggets standing in the same spot received the damage. Others were immune to any damage source
  • Fixed a bug where nuggets were reproducing with extreme speed
  • Fixed an issue where UFO would leave the planet immediately after its appearance
  • Fixed an issue where nuggets in the modern defense towers were still throwing a spear
  • Fixed an issue where space boxes and disasters caused by uneducated nuggets produced a wrong message that indicated that nuggets got sick due to drinking water in the lake
  • Fixed an issue caused by Riot nuggets that was breaking the game immediately after the riot of enough rioters were killed
  • Fixed an issue which was caused by the system trying to place building in the exile village that was already non existent.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the game to not work properly after multiple building upgrades
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect icon resources in the Factories
  • Fixed an issue where multiple modern buildings were missing lights during a night time
  • Fixed missing localization for the Oil Miner worker
  • Fixed missing localization for the Factory workers

General balance changes / Improvements

  • Temple Improvements (sacrificing Nugget = + 1 believer, separate faith value for sacrifice)
  • Temple Building improvements (number of workers increases chance to generate a new believer)
  • Added a new pollution mechanic that causes Nuggets to get sick/die based on oxygen levels.
  • Exile events now will have a better distribution between each other leading to a better variety of events that will be happening in the game.
  • Large exile villages will interact more frequently with the player
  • Sacrificing a nugget causes a higher impact on the faith level
  • Defense tower ranged was reduced based on the Defense tower Level:
  • Defense Tower Level 0 range was changed from 25 -> 12
  • Defense Tower Level 0 range was changed from 30 -> 14
  • Defense Tower Level 0 range was changed from 35 -> 16
  • Delay between music tracks was increased from 10 seconds to 10 minutes
  • Battery capacity was increased from 100, 000 -> 250, 000
  • Temple received additional sounds
  • Temples now display the amount of points the player will receive due to nugget sacrifice
  • Sacrificing a nugget awards with a nugget believer
  • Multiple new research icons were added
  • Assigning nuggets to the temple increased the chance of receiving a believer with each assigned nugget.
  • Reworked Wind System. Previously wind system was changing very rapidly and it was extremely inconsistent. This caused the usage of Wind Turbines very ineffective. The current system changes the wind more frequently but by the small steps and based on the current wind strength, leading to a more consistent wind and improved Wind Turbine energy generation.


  • Nugget Boomer clothing and accessories
  • Nugget Boomer animations
  • Nuclear Workers, Rocket Scientist clothing for Nuggets
  • Nuclear Plant building
  • Solar Panels are now in the game
  • Local business Massage Salon
  • Local business Cosmetics Shop

UI Design

Nuclear Panel

Solar Panel - Panel?

Cosmodrome Mega UI - so much!

Cosmodrome Building UI Panels

Remember to drop us your thoughts here and on Discord! Hit us with a review on Steam if you’ve been loving the game so far.

We’ve got some amazing times ahead of us!

With love,

The Crytivo Crew



Great job ! Best of luck with the future updates !

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