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The Technical Update 1.07 adds dragging cuffed players, Molotov's, and much requested server upgrades. Human shields too :)

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Technical Update Official Launch

Occasionally, a project needs a big cleanup to address existing issues, and rework code in order to make future updates faster and easier. The 1.07 Technical Update is the mother of all rework updates – adding much requested features, fixing bugs, and updating virtually all back-end libraries and engine code. Now let’s get into the goods…

Dragging Handcuffed Players & NPCs


Moving cuffed players around has always been a hassle in RP games. But now Broke Protocol has an easy way to reposition players at will. After a player has been cuffed, you can simply use the ‘Mount’ action to drag them through doors, into vehicles, or anywhere else. Be aware though, a new False Arrest crime has been added if you handcuff innocent people while not holding a job in law enforcement.



Molotov’s have been added to the Default gun shop / merchant. The new incendiary weapon has a small blast radius, but its true strength lies in the infernos it leaves in its wake. Players can now close off pathways and ravage entire servers unless Firefighters can tame the flames. Use with caution.

Fires and Crimes / Rewards


Fires have also been reworked to keep track of who started them. Any fires that propagate will also propagate the owner with it. Injury or death inflicted by fires will assign crimes to the arsonist who started it all. So careful with your grand arson plans since fires tend to have a mind of their own. Likewise, Firefighters won’t get rewards for putting out their own fires (to prevent easy exploit loops).

Recoil and Attachments Rework


Guns and attachments have also seen significant rework. Gun now have random lateral (side-to-side) recoil when firing in addition to vertical recoil. Using attachments with Recovery buffs can help here. Attachments with lights and lasers have had many rendering issues fixed. And now cross-hairs are hidden when aiming down sights for a cleaner sight picture.

Technical Improvements and Additions


Tons of other technical additions are here in 1.07 from editor updates, to optimizations, and admin tools. World Builder now has Undo/Redo history. Servers can now enforce IP bans. The Server Browser can show servers’ validation status and country. More modding options with player skins and custom packets. Faster game loading, and tons of exploits and bug fixes. So hop on for a smoother RP experience after today.

Android version of the game should update (roughly) around the same time as PC today. Catch you in game!

Here’s the full v1.07 changelog:

v1.07 Technical Update

  • Added ability to mount/drag handcuffed players
  • Can enter/exit interiors when dragging players
  • Added Molotov and ability for thrown objects to spawn fires
  • Crimes are assigned for any explosions or fire damage (even after spreading)
  • Firefighters don’t get rewarded for own fires
  • Reworked attachment effects
  • Added weapon side-recoil (Attachments with Recovery buffs help)
  • Resolved many handcuff exploits
  • Added Undo/Redo to World Builder
  • Added skins.txt for modded server skin options on registration
  • Hide cross-hairs when zooming / aiming down sights
  • Recalculate weapon buffs when enabling/disabling lasers
  • New laser sprite
  • Fixed flashlights/light attachment rendering bugs
  • Added LightFlare to BPResources for use with light mods
  • Light attachments can now be toggled like lasers
  • Added False Arrest crime for handcuffing exploits
  • Phones now correctly held upright
  • Detonator collider fixed
  • Game now supports apartments within interiors
  • Fixed camera handling limits to prevent jitter
  • New master server handling/registration
  • Server Browser can show Validation Status and Geo-location
  • Server-side optimizations for higher player counts
  • Improved file transfer throttling
  • Optimized editor map saving and loading
  • Async editor map & prefab loading fixes
  • Builder: Changing interior will update all selected objects
  • New loading menu that more accurately shows progress
  • Fixed draggable input fields in World Builder
  • Don’t select back-faces in World Builder (easier interior editing)
  • Minor array copying optimizations
  • More robust initial server data sync
  • Added new disconnect message when server is full
  • Really fixed ammo desync (again)
  • Fixed player move speed desync
  • Fixed potential crash loading saves from old maps
  • Safer hitscan checks without corrupting transforms
  • Disabled legacy Steam authentication for now
  • Re-introduced IP banning
  • New fast ban lookups/unbanning in-game
  • Increased vote-kick threshold to 75% yes votes
  • Added additional clothing template to BPResources
  • Added shaders directory to BPResources
  • General code optimizations and fixes
  • Updated server settings (see settings.json.default)
  • Updated to latest community translation fixes
  • Updated to Latest Unity version
  • Updated to LiteDB v5 (existing v4 DBs should auto-upgrade)
  • Updated to latest CEF/CEFGlue
  • Updated to latest EmbedIO
  • Updated input handling to new InputSystem
  • Increased default transfer rate to 1MBps
  • Fixed body motion when looking around in fixed seating
  • Made client and server packet handlers public for modding
  • Added more server-side checks against exploits (thanks Tati)
  • Checkpoint arrows now visible on mobile
  • Fixed some collected items not equipping
  • Fixed occasional Battle Royale cleanup exception
  • Fixed group editing Transforms in World Builder
  • Fixed editing inventory length in World Builder

See you!


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