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Upcoming RTS/TPS game The Steamers, our progress so far.

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he steamers is set during the Renaissance Punk era of a steam rich world in a solar system far away.

Through a series of 3 to 4 hours long episodes, players will explore the world of Esporia and live and affect the many events that shaped its Republic's history through different perspectives and viewpoints.

The game will allow players to command their troops from a bird's eye view in typical real time strategy fashion, while also making it possible for them to jump right into the skin of their character and take in the action directly on the ground from a third person perspective.

Tactics and planning will be of prime importance and commanders will have to learn how to use and support their squads and their specific abilities rather than rush headfirst and alone into combat. Various support buildings and strategic locations such as hospitals, villages or heavy weapon emplacements will provide added tactical depth to the repertoire of available options to complete a mission.

Vehicles will be available for commandeering and players can expect to fly in Da Vinci's inspired gliders and Airships, assault castles and forts in steam powered tanks or even ride ostrich as light cavalry support.

The Steamers is aiming to be a franchise that never stops to grow, each episode will cover a full story narrated from the perspectives of character as various as a military commander fighting open battles or a thieving gang leader planning heists across his city. In addition, each episode will introduce fresh gameplay elements that will build upon each other.

The Steamers is still in development with Shack Studio nearing completion of the first episode, check our dev blog on our website to follow our progress and for a definitive release date.

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