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Burning Knight gets a C# port, as well as mod support, twitch integration, local coop, and possible online coop!

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It's a huge honor for me to join this amazing gamedev community, and I'm really enjoying it so far.

For the past year, I with my team were developing this game, with the use of Java and LibGDX. Sadly, we realized too far into the development, that the tools we were using were really limiting, for example, Java won't run on consoles (oh no), LibGDX gamepad support is really bad, and other things, like packing 100mb JVM into each build.

So, around 10 days ago, I wrote a tool, that allowed me to compile 60k lines of the game source code into C#, and now we are in the process of making it prettier, more moddable, making things work fine with monogame, and overall, improving the game.

Sadly, that means, that we had to delay the release of the game, but that's the only sad news on the list. So we are happy to announce that Burning Knight will have:

  • Mod support
  • Twitch integration
  • Local coop (and possibly online!)

All these features were almost impossible with Java edition, so yeah, we are really excited, we will keep yall updated :)

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