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Some of the Road Zombie apocalypse survival features ingame.

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The Road

The Road .. is a First person survival game which takes place in a apocalypse world after a year the virus infected the whole globe wiping out 90% of the population, You and your dog were one of the last of the survivors trapped in rocky island. Fighting your way to survival and exploring by vechiles or foot. Stay alive by finding supplys and live as long as you can while exploring and moving along the road.

The Ropad The Ropad
The Road - In Development The Rock Terrain

*Parkour - Explore the apocalypse world on your feet while climbing and jumping off city buildings.
*Companions(DOG) - Have your own dog companion to keep you company.
*Hunger and Thirst System - You will need to Drink and eat to survive.
*Vehicles support - Getting tired? Get a vehicle a start riding dirty.
*Inventory system - Store your own food and supplys for later in your backbag.
*Lots of melee and ranged weapons (including sniper and bat) - Melee weapons and ranged to be found.
*Ultimate survival - Surviving is your only choice, hiding is a optional.
*Post-apocalypse world - Big terrain world.
*Hardcore - You get bitten, you're dead.
*Beasts and wild animals ready to be hunted - Hunt animals in the wilderness for food.
*Search for supplys, weapons and ammo - Search houses for suppls, food, water, weapons and more!
*Day and Night Cylce - 24Hour clock with a Day and night cylce.
*Citys - Citys will be you're luckyest place for supplys, but can be very deadly.
*Ultimate hunting - Use your tacticals stealth skills to hunt.
*Old school weapons (Bow,Crossbow etc) - Bows, crossbows and more to be added.
*Explore the big terrain world in first person - Explore with your choices and enjoy!

*And Many more to come!


I'm certain you know of the movie/book called the road. Since it's the same thing minus zombies, you might want to rethink your name for the game. "End of the Road", for example would imply either that humanity reached the end of the road, or that there is something waiting there.

Otherwise great thing! It seems like a take on the Dayz gameplay with some narrower maps. Cryengine would be the obvious choice for large open areas, but Unity is probably the better choice, on the long run. It leaves you more options to change the game.

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