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Alpha Cyclops is out, and we have received our OUYA dev kit!!

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The first steps toward getting Legend of Dungeon onto the OUYA console have been taken, now that we have our dev kit.

We put a quickly modified PC version onto it, and the result was surprisingly good, it actually loaded! The process to get Legend of Dungeon working on the OUYA will happen over time, our main focus will still be the main development of the game. But don't worry, we intend for Legend of Dungeon to be a release title for OUYA.

We also have released the "Alpha Cyclopse" Version of Legend of Dungeon. We have added some of the Kickstarter Backer content, fixed a few bugs, and made it so your character's appearance is remembered after death once you've changed it.

That's about it for News!

We could use your support on Greenlight! We are in the top 100, but not high enough to be convincing yet. spread the link, Comment, add us to a collection, and of course vote yes! Every vote makes a difference, for serious.
We are hard at work developing the game, and it's hard to stay on top of everything, but I'll try to update this page frequently for everyone.


Request - it would be nice if we could toggle the appearance memory, I kind of like being a random person each time. If not, I understand.

Also, already voted for you on greenlight, been there since the start :D

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-IX- Author

That occurred to us -after- the update, there will be some way to switch it on and off in a future update, it's on our list!

Till then, it will stay randomized so long as you stay out of the bathroom, so you can always to player 2 or 3 for random characters.
Thanks for being there from the start, it's very encouraging!

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