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v0.0.0.3 is finally here, along with a hotfix; new weapon, new secrets, new enemy type!

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Hey all!

I have recently uploaded (and hotfixed) v0.0.0.3, right here on IndieDB!

Notable updates include a new level, Downtown Cybertropolis, it's huge!

Screenshot Doom 20210330 125249Screenshot Doom 20210329 174350Screenshot Doom 20210329 173941cybertropolis3

The level is complete other than the music, in the next update you will enter Dr. Fatfuck's Private Facility (He's Cybersoul's private "science" contractor, responsible for the labs in the current update). I plan to make this area very open, allowing free travel across the entirety of the playable area of the building and a single set of keys.

Anyway, enough to get you psyched for what you have to wait even longer for! How about those nunchucks? They're in this update!

There's also a new enemy type coming your way, but if I showed it to you now it'd be a bit of a spoiler, but you can catch a brief glimpse in the trailer 😉 Additionally there are even more ways to the same place now, new secrets to discover, and generally more substance, particularly on the second level (not including the tutorial).

Oh yeah, did I mention the f*@k%ng Steam version is about to go live? Please wishlist that (or give it a download if that's available by the time you read this!)! Did I mention it's free!?? In addition to the sites mentioned in the trailer, Gamefront should also have the latest hotfix shortly!

You can download the updated version of the game here with the button below, keep fighting the power kohai!

Retroninjacyberassassin v0.0.0.3

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