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This post discusses the gold release of The Magic Hat. This is the final release deliverable.

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(What’s New? Particularly important changes bolded.)

  • Fixed exception errors occuring due to the health script, as well as fixing any remaining exception errors present in all of the levels.
  • Added juice to the Level select screen; you can now see the two players running around with the platypus.
  • Made improvements to the tutorial level: fixed an obstacle gap so that the players can now fire acorns into it more easily, and can hit the platypus. We also fixed the prompts so that they are much clearer on what each players controls are.
  • Fixed game breaking glitch where the hedgehog was stuck in a spinning rotation, and could no longer attack.
  • We now allow the squirrel to climb onto the pillar in the Golem level. In the Golem level, fixed a bug where the hedgehog could jump into the bosses jaw and trigger a soft-lock.
  • Fixed an issue with the health script where certain components of the enemy (the arms) did not change color when hit. The jaw no longer flashes white when acorns hit the jaw (this confused players, and made them think that the jaw could be damaged). The sprites will also properly change their color back to their original when no longer being hit.
  • Fixed two issues regarding the pause menu: When the player pauses when a dialog box is on, the game freezes and soft-locked. Another issue where the two players could suddenly skip the scene transitions from a boss being defeated to the level select menu.
  • Added transition cut scenes to the opening of each level to add more juice and humor to the game.
  • Added a title screen which seamlessly transitions to the tutorial.
  • Added 16 directional aiming, which makes it easier for players to aim projectiles at bosses, and to aim projectiles at the hedgehog's shield.
  • Made several improvements to the Blazesnake level: made the button to activate the stage more distinct. Reduced the bloom on the level to make it more appealing to the eye.
  • Fixed a subtle issue where aiming behind the squirrel's tail blocks the acorn sprite.
  • Added a final boss level

(What’s the Motivation?)

This is the final deliverable for our project. In the gold releases, we made necessary bug fixes to make the game experience smoother. The change to fix the spinning bug with the hedgehog was particularly important since if soft-locked the game, and prevented the hedgehog form no longer performing well in either boss. We also wanted to make sure that we added significant amounts of juice to our final deliverable. We made a cut scene to the Golem stage to help make a great, juicy transition to the gameplay. We also added a final boss level, which we believe will cultivate all the player's experiences and skills to defeat a challenging boss. We also added the 16 directional aim as a response to previous player feedback. Many players who were new to the game seemed to have trouble aiming their projectiles to reflect and damage bosses with the hedgehog's shield. We believe the 16 directional aiming scheme will make it much easier for players to maneuver and get acclimated with the game.

(What’s Next?) What changes you plan to make for the next iteration.

This is the final deliverable for our project. We would like to thank the EECS 494 staff for providing us with a challenging, but enjoyable and insightful, leaning experience. We believe that this class gave us a deep look into the world of video game development, and we are grateful to all the staff members for providing this experience to us.

Game Over....

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