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Full patch notes for Apastron's free content update the Macrocosm.

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Enter the Macrocosm

You can enter the Macrocosm as soon as you get to Central 98. The entrance is in the ventilation sector.

New Weapons

Combat SMG
Express Shotgun Akimbo
Mist 45 Akimbo
Viper SMG
Ransacker (rocket launcher)
As12 Shotgun
Resistance Repeater
Forever Repeater
Proto 7

New Enemies


FX Changes

Bullet trails are now more realistic and are on the screen for less times than before.
Bullet Spawn position for most guns have been corrected to spawn directly from the barrel. Few guns are still in their old state but will be fixed this Monday.
Particle count has been reduced drastically for all VFX.
Some cutscenes fixed so they can be read in 21:9 aspect ratio
All gun sounds have been updated.

Player Changes

Headbobbing while sprinting has been increased. This will effect where your bullets go while sprinting making it less accurate.
The player now crouches slower.
The default crouch position has been raised slightly.
The player moves slightly faster.
The player collider is slightly wider.
Rocket jumps now stack. (You're welcome!)

New Talisman

Lightning in a bottle (grenade lightning)
Vitality (health regen)

Continuity Changes

The Shipyard is no longer a bonus map and now a map 1 of episode 2. All episode 2 maps are changed to reflect this.
The ending of the Shipyard now takes you to the seventh summit instead of the Last Outskirts
Central 98 sewers is now accessible, but no levels extra levels connect from it yet.
Alien rarity chests are now in the Macrocosm. They spawn only top weapons and Talisman.
Adrian's Coelho #6 body placed in test tube in secret lab.

Performance and Quality of Life Changes

Reduced poly count on most levels.
Improved occlusion on earlier stage levels.
Certain objects in early stages like the fancy teleporter have been given logic to disable when the player is very far away from them.
Physics iterations have been reduced (hopefully will help Cpu heavy users).

Dev Remarks

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting this game! I really hope you enjoy this new update. I expect the next large update for the game to be sometime in January. I plan to expand the Macrocosm mode, by adding more endings, and more procedural terrain. If there is something you would like to see in a future update, comment down below.

~ N


I checked this out, I think it's worth the purchase I made for it. For some reason, I keep being reminded of Quake 2... and that's a good thing.


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Noah_Lewin Author

Thank you so much! I appreciate the support.

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