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Post news RSS The Last Leviathan Update 1 - The one with the Flamethrower & UI

The very first of our new regular updates! yes you read that right! Boom!

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Happy Tuesday everyone!

This is the first of our status reports we plan to put out every week (though we may miss a few due to shows n dev n stuff), to give you all some insight on what has been accomplished in the last week in development of The Last Leviathan. We would love to expand on these status reports and include exactly what you guys want, so feel free to comment here, head over to our subreddit, or our steam group, and tell us what you’d like to see!

This last week has been mostly focused on getting a nice, stable standalone build of TLL pushed out so that it can be shown to various visiting VIPs, tested for bugs, etc. However, other accomplishments from this week include:

A new, much better looking UI was implemented (still WIP)!

There also has been a bit of work done on optimization, so that larger battles won’t turn into slideshows!

Other than those accomplishments, there has been a lot of back-end work that will lead up to new stuff to show off in the future! So stay tuned!

As a bonus, here is a video we recorded showing off the AWESOME new flamethrower!

Lastly, as always I invite everyone to go check out our:

Subreddit: Reddit.com

And our Steam group!: Steamcommunity.com

More to come next week!

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