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Post news RSS The Land of Pain on the Epic Games Store on 2nd December!

The Land of Pain will launch on EGS this Friday! Explore a dark and terrifying world and seek out clues to help unravel the secrets of this land.

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On Friday 2nd December The Land of Pain will be released on the Epic Games Store with an enhanced version that takes full advantage of the most recent technologies.

One of the technologies that helped me to build captivating environments and realistic graphics is the photogrammetry. It consists in taking pictures of real objects, converting them into 3D models and implementing them in the game's world.


A precise use of light and shadows together with the volumetric fog contributed to reaching great results in terms of realism.


The immersive atmosphere is one of the main features in The Land of Pain and sound played an important role. With WWISE I was able to use a lot of environment sounds such as rain, wind, animals and other sounds from the forest that make players feel like they are really there.

My interview with WWISE here.

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The Land of Pain is a first person horror adventure inspired by Lovecraft’s literature, focused on story and investigation.

Something strange appears in the woods and life as you know it is about to change forever. You find yourself in an unknown land, far from home, trying to survive the dangers that await. You run into strange events that you can’t explain, while an ancient mystery waits to be unveiled. Explore a dark and terrifying world and seek out clues to help unravel the secrets of this land.

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The Land of Pain is the spiritual prequel to The Alien Cube, available on Steam, Humble and Epic Store and winner of the CryEngine Game Of The Year 2021.

Play both games to learn all the connections between them!

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