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I have been working on Stage 3 as of late and thought I would share.

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First off I want to thank all the viewers who are helping raise the stats for Just Beneath The Skin.
Today I reached #11 in the ranks, my highest was #10 so I am aiming to get the #1 spot!
So help me keep pushing to rise in the ranks :D

Stage 3 is a section of the game nobody has really seen yet as for the KS I was mainly focusing on Stage 1 and Stage 2, doing major updates/revamps among other things. Now that the KS is over I feel releasing footage and progress on Stage 3 is appropriate, I may even release Stage 3 in a new build sometime soon.

Stage 3 is another one of Shyla's Dreams where she ventures into a laboratory, this section is mainly puzzle based. Putting together puzzle pieces, charging certain consoles with energy cores, shutting down machines that will block access to other consoles, etc.

I really wanted to take the player into a new place that unearths a bit more about the story in a playable fashion. Mostly every stage will have a cut scene either at the beginning or end to keep it "Cinematic" as that's what I am going for.

Here are some screenshots from the latest run through of Stage 3 (these do not represent the final product):

As you progress in Stage 3 you will find out more about who the pink haired girl was at the beginning of the game, what her role is in the game, how her and shyla are connected and much more!

I will most likely only release a few more screenshots of some areas I am working on currently before the new build, any information on Stage 3 other then what I have stated will be saved for your gaming experience.

In other news I am also working on adding in some cool things for the cheats, such as being able to transform your skin to Shyla's evil twin, various sidekicks accessible at any time, unlock mini-games and more!

That's all for now but more to come! Until next time.....

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