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Hey alltogether, this update will be about the current progress ...

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1. The Hero of Time
2. The Darkness Within

1. The Hero of Time

Hey :)

first ad most important thing !

We are not DEAD :)

we are still working on the game even though we had many problems.
We had Team Problems as well as personal Problems for me as the "Producer"
But yeah we are still working on it.

We're still quite well done even though it's an unbelivable ammount of work we have to do.

It's not the mapping it's more the AI.

The're is AI for arround 60 Enemies in this game to be programmed. Everyone of it takes arround 1000-2000 Lines of code for bahavior.

Especially the scripted Boss Fights take such a big ammount we never thought of before. We did just look at mapping stuff and loosing that point.

Well apart that problems we are still working on it even though quite slow.

Mapping is done for a few parts that i hope to shop you soon.

Our first really playable gameplay follow soon too even though with a link placeholder still. But yeah fighting should work fine

Most Important for me is to let you know that were not dead :)

2. The Darkness Within

2nd Part.
we have a new fully commercial game in the works.
The working title is "The Darkness Within"
I know it's very related to the new Bethesda title. It's not our final name yet :)

Well it's a completly new team and development goes quite well.

It's a game which is settelted in a town related to old silent hill games.
Scary, spooky and brutal.

It will be like the old horror games.

we plan to give you different ways to play through the game.

Sneaky or brutal it's up to you.

If you plan on following us please do so here :) Indiedb.com

We still work on this of course. I take any free time i have for this.

darknigthmare - - 404 comments

well why didnt finish one project before launch another one ?

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makke007 Author
makke007 - - 266 comments

Because the new project has a completly different team as we will work on it as a commercial game.

This one has a different team and is of course for free :)

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DevinShadowV - - 534 comments

I was worried about the team

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makke007 Author
makke007 - - 266 comments

Im glad we're back too :)

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