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Since launching our Steam Greenlight page, we have received a lot of helpful advice, with which we have used to redo a lot of the art for the demo we currently have. Here's an update of everything we've done in the last few weeks!

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The Heartland Saga launched 20 days ago on Steam Greenlight. And with that launch, regardless of how well it goes(which it is going well), we know that we will likely receive tons of helpful advice. Instead of arguing critique, or ignoring it, we have used it to our advantage and refinished a lot our demo to make it more enjoyable for you guys! So far, in only those 20 days, we have managed to fix any bug, program a dynamic lighting system in, and refinish the entire demo dungeon's art on top of much more. Here are some examples of what we mean.

Animated Lighting

Dynamic lighting

Dynamic lighting 2

Reworkshot 3

Thanks so much for everyone's support so far! In the next coming months, we plan on making the remaining 3 dungeons (one a month) and completing the rest The Heartland Saga. We will continue to keep you updated at least once per month, and we plan to have the game available for you by the end of March 2017. Thanks again!

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