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A major Broke Protocol Update releasing today. Explore new areas, disarm explosives, Bond's weapon of choice, and most importantly – you can now save your personal vehicle. Permanently.

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Garages Update Official Release

A major Broke Protocol Update shipping on Steam today, introducing the long-awaited Garages and a bunch of other upgrades and fixes. Explore new areas, try some useful new interactions, a new weapon, and most importantly – you can now save your personal vehicle. Permanently. Well, as long as you don’t accidentally torch it. Now, let’s dig into this update.

Private Garages


The biggest update in v1.03 is that now players can store any vehicles (bought or ‘borrowed’) in their own private garage. The first vehicle storage space can be found at the Garage map marker and is sold for a budget-friendly $4,000. It’s quite cramped though so larger vehicles might not make the squeeze. But further map updates will expand player options. We’re thinking aircraft hangars too.

New Silenced Weapon


Bond’s famous silenced PPK32 made it into the 1.03 – thanks Tentacle_Boss! Although limited in damage output and magazine capacity, The Walther’s stealth capabilities and accuracy is unmatched. The game’s fisrst silenced pistol is a welcome addition to the arsenal, and is only the first step towards fully modular weapons coming later. But the Walther won’t be found in an ordinary gun shop. Read on..

Map Expansion


TB has been working on expanding the DefaultV2 map with some tucked away interiors. You might find tools of the trade for covert operations in a hidden cave. Some preventative measures were put into place to make simple looting a bit more complicated – but if you have the coin, desert merchant has the wares.

Explosive Disarming


Another update is the ability to disarm pesky traps and explosives. Before this update, if you tried to collect an explodyboi, well, it wouldn’t go over so well. Now satchels, mines, and other explosives can be disarmed for safe collection or repositioning. Or if you’re old-fashioned, you can just shoot the damn things.

Various Bug Fixes


Many other fixes and upgrades made their way into Garages Update 1.03. You’ll find fixes for processing drugs, confirmation prompts before selling apartments/garages, more robust custom asset support, and more.

Don’t forget the full mobile release is still slated for this week so keep updated on the Official Discord Server for further info.

Here’s the full v1.03 changelog:

v1.03 Garages Update

  • Added working garages for storing persistent vehicles
  • Silenced PPK added to game and gun merchants
  • Explosives can be disarmed and safely collected
  • Removed object outline due to shader incompatibilities
  • Mobile UI customization
  • Added confirmation prompt before selling apartments
  • Game now correctly prioritizes custom assets
  • Many OS specific path fixes
  • Fixed Progress coroutine exception
  • World Builder focus fixes
  • World Builder invisible selection highlight fix
  • Credential menu sizing fixes
  • Credential menu forgetting passwords fixed
  • Inventory management tweaks and better ammo syncing
  • Command Handler Item parsing fixed
  • Minor code re-organization
  • Custom assets better support different material types
  • DefaultV2 map updates (Cave) – thanks Tentacle_Boss
  • Fixed weapon unbinding on Mobile
  • Added prison key to Rank 3 Police
  • Asynchronous asset preview loading
  • Several crash fixes
  • Update to Unity Engine 2019.2.19
  • Refactored code: Properties for easier debugging
  • Broke-protocol.github.io for changes

See you!


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