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Hey everyone! Vanguardxe here, I'm coming to you guys to tell you about the recent going's on for the game, and where to follow us from the future, aswell as explaining what's been going on if you haven't followed us on any of our other platforms!

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Hey everyone! Vanguardxe here! I know we've been quiet on this front, mostly because we've been busy developping the game, and making sure we can deliver a proper game. Don't worry, this project is far, far from dead.
Since our last update, we've been hard at work, and if you've seen our youtube, or kept in touch with the discord, then you already know what we've been up to. But incase you haven't, I'd like to share with you guys the big news regarding RnL.

Depending on when you're reading this, you may have noticed the game's name has been changed, along with a couple other details. This is because Talos interactive has merged with Cornered Rat Software, the makers of WWII Online, the oldest ww2 MMOFPS still active to this day. And as a fruit of our colaboration, not only will RNL be recieiving more attention, development and other goodies, but we're also going to become part of something bigger.

Resistance and Liberation will, from now on, be known as WW2 Online: Chokepoint.
Mind you this is a simple name change, and little else. The name Resistance and Liberation is in a bit of a legal tisy as it stands. The development team working on chokepoint is far from the same one that used to work on the original mod, and despite our best efforts to contact the original founder of the mod who came up with the name, we haven't been successful. This means that we're left in a bit of a limbo inregards to the game, with a possible lawsuit if we were to continue with the name. As such we've decided to change name, and to team up with CRS to help in the building of a franchise.

But this isn't all doom and gloom. Chokepoint will now have proper support for it's development and launch, and it's ideas, mechanics, and settings won't be changed. they will remain our own to continue with our original vision for the game:

If you're looking to look into the matter more, than I'll happily refer you to our latest update video on our youtube channel here:
Update Video #16
And, of course, Our new teaser!
Chokepoint Teaser

With all that said, that leaves us with one last point to address:
Where should we follow you guys now?

Well, for one, our youtube channel would be a perfect place to start.
Chokepoint Youtube Channel
Secondly, our discord, which has since changed and merged with the WW2 Online discord:
Discord invite!

And of course, our website!

Thank you all for your time, and we hope to see you on our discord!
I know the news might come a bit sudden if you've been out of the loop, but it's for the best and for the future of the project.

Thank you all for your time and your continued support!

Vanguardxe- Community Manager for WWII Online: Chokepoint

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I saw the announcement on WWIIOL's anniversary celebration. Was surprised by this development. Seems like a strange path for WWIIOL to take since this isn't an MMO, and as far as I can tell, they don't exactly have a huge source of revenue to be spreading themselves out between different projects like this.

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This is terrible news!

I don't mind a price tag on this game if it has come to that, but I do NOT want to pay a monthly subscription just to play what is now a decades-long-awaited sequel to WWII: Online. If that happens, that is it! I am done supporting this game. I don't want pay-to-play crap (even with a 7 or 14 day trial), I want a retail game that I can either enjoy free or pay a reasonable one-time indie or AA price for.

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There is a free to play tier you will be able to play. But this should have never happened in the first place. This project had absolutely fuckall to do with WWII: Online. It started as basically a WW2 mod for HL2, died, was revived then moved to UE4 engine and was going to stay a mod/free game. Now I am still kind of happy there will be a way to play for free, but that means locked stuff behind a monthly paywall which should never have happened with a mod.

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Well it stopped being a mod the moment it went standalone indie game, regardless whether it is free. We do not know if it will even be freemium with this update.

Either way, it no longer matters. I am unfollowing this project.

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There are other WW2 MMO FPSes than WW2OL?

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It's honestly a letdown that you've taken this direction.

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