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Presenting you the first playable demo after only 2 months of development. Demo includes polished user interface, menu with building, digging and deleting tools. Info panels with objects' stats and controls for factories. You can also see two modes - Game mode and Level Editor mode for map creation. In the game mode you see all the basic mechanics in the current state of game and in editor how the objects' placing work. Listen about the future features from the game's creator PJ.

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Check the huge update video about the first playable demo from the voxel world of Revive and Prosper.

And join us on Discord­čî▒so you don't miss the Closed Beta testing Discord.gg

You can see all the basic mechanics and features the game includes right now: Terrain upgrades tools, building objects, planting flora, harvesting resources.
Also automation elements including sources of energy and power line system for energy distribution to factories.

Video shows you two modes - Game mode and Level editor mode.
You can see how to control characters, order jobs and automate their work in the game mode.
And placing objects in the editor mode which will serve you for creating maps and sharing them with other players.


Join us on Discord­čî▒ to get in Closed Beta testing Discord.gg

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