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*This Article is a Work in Progress* Just letting you guys know. Most Lore and Unimplemented Factions are going to take some time. I am quite new to this and this mod is barely in Alpha. Trust me, over time this mod will become a great little expansion to the Calradian Conflicts.

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The Kingdom of Swadis(Implemented)
King Harlaus V has seen the shattering of the Swadian Union. Fighting against the Rebels(New Swadian Republic) and the Khergit Opposition, Harluas plans to reunify the Union and save the Swadians from being eradicated.

The Nordic Empire(Implemented)

After the Second Nord Invasion, the Nords established the Nordic Empire under Ragnar II. No longer using Jarls as they had betrayed Ragnar I to the Vordic Rebellion. Old families still remain but Ragnar is distrustful of them.

After the Sarranid Wars of Succession, the Nords lay on the winning team with the United Swadian Kingdom, and the United Rhodok Commune. Instilling Calif Bres ( Nephew of Ragnar II) as the new Sarranid ruler. The Vaegir Warlords are fighting against the Nords as they want to reclaim land lost during the Second Nord Invasion and and the Sarranid Wars of Succession.

The Sarranid Entente(Implemented)

After the tragic death of God Sultan Hakim Oshtean to King Harlaus III, the Sarranid Loyalists lead by Emir Kraltuk fought with the Old Vaegir Order and Khergit Khanate against Calif Bres and the Sarranid Mutamarrids,The Swadian Union,The Nordic Empire, The New Vaegir Order and the Unified Rhodok Commune.

This was the first major war the nations of Calradia had faced since the Rebellion of The One 200 years prior. Hundreds of thousands died as the two sides fought.

The aftermath of the war lead to Caliphate Bres to become the new ruler of the Sarranid Caliphate( The Sarranid Entente was created after a small war in the core cities of the Sarranid Caliphate)

Now trying to pry away from the Swadian Civil War, the Sarranids must fight if ever called upon by one of their allies.

The New Swadian Republic(Not Implemented)

Count Tardin received massive amounts of fiefs during the Sarranid Wars of Succesion. Gaining enough power to rival Harlaus IV. This spurred on conflicts between rivals ans friends of Tardin who believed he was the new rightful ruler of The United Swadian Kingdom.

During the Battle of Dhirim( Count Tardin vs King Harlaus IV) Tardin slew Harlaus in the midst of battle. Dhirim was taken by Tardin and the Swadian Civil War began,

The Unified Rhodok Commune(Implemented)

Generally a peaceful Kingdom pre- Second Nord Invasion, the Rhodoks faced the threat of Nord Deathmasters reaching their territory. Working together with the Khergit Dhal's(Khergit Reformationists during the short 1 year Khergit Uprising), they slew the Deathmasters.

Now with Prime Minister Zehl as their leader, the URC fought with the Swadians and Nords to defeat their old allies the Khergits and defeat the new threat of the Sarranid Loyalists.

Gaining a good amount of fiefs during the war, the Rhodoks became a Calradian power and subjugated the Khergits to their rule.

Now, the Swadian Civil War has begun and the Rhodoks must choose between power or loyalty.

The Khergit Opposition(Implemented)

The modern day, Khergit Opposition is the child of the Sarranid Loyalists and Khergit Khanate. Consisting of about 3 towns, they fight off the advances of the New Swadian Republic, URC, and the Sarranid Entente.

What they lack for in numbers is made up of pure strength and nationalism. Lead by Rhal Monsoon, the Khergit opposition fights for their dying breath in Calradia.

Vaegir Warlords

It was said during the Siege of Sargoth that the Vaegirs spurred on the Second Nord Invasion. Their brutal genocide of the Nord peoples brought with it the destruction of the Vaegir Kingdom.

The Second Nord Invasion obliterated the Vaegir's social structure. Many Vaegir Lords defected to the Nord Hord but were executed anyway.

This left them in what the Swadians called "Eternal Civil War". This was fixed momentarily by the star of the Sarranid Wars of Succession as it saw the rise of the short lived Vaegir Imperium. They were shortly destroyed and subjugated to the Nord Empire.

Now with only a few towns left, the mercenary like Vaegir Warlords seek vengeance on the world.

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