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Post news RSS The Equinox Hunt Demo Update & Patch is Live!

We think that now it's the perfect time to try it again if you had problems, or if you didn't have time to give it a go

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Hello everyone,

We're happy to announce that the demo for The Equinox Hunt is live!
The demo is available only on Windows for the moment.


The big update for the demo includes:
- Main Menu
- Saves
- Better AI - eliminated major bugs and better pathfinding
- Narrative Improved
- Secondary Quests
- Improved Main Quest
- The ability to place traps(The player can place a bear trap that should stun anyone)
- Variants (Different map with restarts, this can be easily noticed if you look at enemies spawn)
- Improved Visuals (VFX, Interface, New Assets, etc.)
- Improved Sound Effects(floor system and overall SFX's)
- Zoom In for Interior of Houses and in other places


Bugs fixed:

  • Continue button worked without any save
  • The ability to throw rocks disappeared
  • The AI wouldn't return to their initial positions after respawn
  • Papers could be read from far range or through the other side of the wall
  • Ambiance music couldn't be heard in some parts of the map
  • The player was spawned inside shed without the zoom in
  • The roof of North House wouldn't fully disappear when the player was inside
  • Continue button didn't work after leaving the game and returning to it(on the same version)
  • The player couldn't pick up item piles after dying and respawning
  • The player could break the natural healing if he spammed the button for heal right after being hurt
  • The objective would be stuck after saving and respawning
  • The player couldn't run after saving and respawning
  • The hunter wouldn't show an orange outline while investigating a distraction
  • Sparkles for the ground texture
  • The player could break the item piles after dying and respawning multiple times
  • Lag Spikes in some parts of the map
  • The player could get stuck after hiding and leaving the bed in the outpost
  • Killing a hunter would result in a weird sound bug
  • The player could restore his inventory after respawn if he threw a rock
  • A few colliders for objected were placed badly
  • Secondary wouldn't disappear once it's done


  • Player can close the wheel with the same button that's opened
  • Tweaked the SFX's sound volume
  • Bigger size for the bush hiding spot
  • Tweaked map level design to make it fairer(hunters, traps, bushes, etc.)
  • Rotated signs so that the player won't get confused by them
  • Modified text for some objectives
  • The objectives pop-up will stay on screen longer
  • Tweaked the light in houses
  • Made the beacons easier to notice
  • Replace the "R" button for saving with "F"
  • The important events, hunters, items before the first save will be respawned
  • Added an icon to loading menu
  • New icons on the map for Crossroad and Beacon
  • New ground textures
  • Faster shine for multiple items
  • Hunters will investigate longer

You can access the demo on:





We hope that this update will improve the experience of the game.
Don't hesitate to spam us with feedback of any kind!

You can find us on our discord server: Discord.gg

And wishlist our game on steam: Store.steampowered.com

Have a good day!

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