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Proper development has now begun, with an immersive story-line being created, along with a deep atmosphere.

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But in all seriousness, I hope this to be a much better, more awesome game.

To get content out to players as quickly as possible, the game will be released in Chapters. Your game will be automatically updated as Chapters are released.

The price of the game will slowly rise as more Chapters are released, but take note:

  • If you buy the game when Chapter 1 is released, it'll only cost £2, and you will receive all future chapters automatically for free upon their release.
  • If you buy the game when say, Chapter 3 is released, you'll pay about £3, receiving Chapter 1, 2, and 3, and then still receiving all future chapters free.

So the bottom line is for best value for money, buy the game early, (while it may be a bit buggy xD!)
Of course each Chapter will be vigorously tested before release and all bugs found ironed out.

There currently isn't a decided release date for anything, but this page will be updated at least once a week with news and (updates). :)


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