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The Coral Cave is a watercolor adventure game set in Japan. In this article, we show you a few animations from the game

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Today, we'd like to show you a few animations from our adventure game The Coral Cave. All animations are hand-drawn on paper. It's a time-consuming but rewarding technique.


Below is the original handpainted animation of the reflection on the sea.

coralcave water animation

Since Cecile is alone to animate the entire game, we use various techniques to save time. Per example, the walk of the character is only 8 frames long.


Or sometimes, we animate only one small part of a character. It's enough to bring him to life.


Our main character, Mizuka, is a curious little girl, so she's always looking around.


When we create our game, we get our inspiration from what we see around us. But sometimes, when we look through the window...

tumblr o2hd6a2CWa1rhf0ijo1 540

Cats have their own sense of humor...

Indie of the Year Awards 2016 on IndieDB:
We made it to the top 100! We are so happy!
If you like our project, you can vote for it on this page:
(The Coral Cave is at the bottom of the page, in the Point-And-Click category)

Thank you!

~cHendler~ - - 776 comments

Wow! Beautiful game. Keep it up.

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atelier-sento Author
atelier-sento - - 24 comments

Thank you for the kind words!

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Retro_Javi - - 31 comments

Looks amazing!!!

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atelier-sento Author
atelier-sento - - 24 comments

Thank you!

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