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The Case Of The Mansion Devlog Part 9 + Tests - In it we give an in-depth explanation on turn Mechanics and embrace game testers!

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Hi guys.

Today we publish Devlog Part 9. In it, we go in-depth on the subject of Turn Mechanics.

We are also inviting all interested testers to play the game with us.

We intend to create a testing community having regular tests with us the Developers on

specific days of the week, everyone is welcome to join.


Our Builds are currently available at our "Files" Section on the game´s IndieDb Page.

The Case Of The Mansion is a 6 player online game. It is a Turn Based Strategy game focused on Investigation.

Due to the fact that it is such an unique game, please watch the videos provided on our Testing kits.

If you experience any annoying bugs, camera or gameplay issues? Look into our Txt file, in it we detail most of our current known build issues and possible work arounds.

Having problems on understanding actions or objectives? Have a look at our png images detailing each in a simplified way.

Because we do not have a tutorial in our current build, the videos on the build kit and devlogs are a the only way to understand the game.


When creating an account make sure your password is at least 6 characters long and has numbers.

For example: "Test123"

For a User Name make sure its at least 5 characters long.

Creating an Account doesnt require e-mail activation and can be done instantaneously.

Special Requests:

1 - Do not sell this game, do not submit it to any site or service without consent.

2 - Do not upload any of the videos provided on the build kit.

3 - Ignore our in-game "How to play" Section as it currently holds irrelevant obsolete information.

For the purposes of testing, we would like to suggest the time of 8 PM GMT and 8 PM eastern on Wednesdays, thursdays and weekends for players to get together.

Because this is a two people indie team our biggest challenge in our closed tests was always to close 6 people parties. This schedule is merely to increase the chances of closing parties. If you have 6 friends interested in playing the game, feel free to pass this build along and play it at your own schedule. We hope you guys have a great time.


What's the average number of players in this Alpha testing?
As soon as my exams end, i'm going to try this out! :)

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