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Post news RSS The Big Base Building Update: Patch Notes 0.23803

It has been a while since I updated the playtest version here on Steam, now the big base building patch is here!

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Hey everyone,

those of you following my devlog might have seen this coming. You can now experiment with the new base building / tower crafting feature in the Steam Playtest version!

Building your tower is not at all just cosmetics for housing, there are very functional constructions, such as shield breaking illuminants, decoys that protect your tower and automatic flask dispensers:

I implemented construction elements up to character level 15, so there is a lot more to discover than what I already talked about in previous posts.

Of course, all the new mechanics related to the new day-night cycle are also included in this patch. In the coming weeks I will explain the new elements in detail. Until then, you can start to do some discovering yourself ;)

As always, the full list of changes can be found on our Discord. I'm looking forward to hear what you all think!



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