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Weapon customization is finally here in 1.06. Add a variety of attachments to any weapon in-game to create something completely your own.

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Attachments Update Official Launch

Weapon customization has been a long requested feature since Broke Protocol first went live. And with 1.06, it’s finally here. Add a variety of attachments to any weapon in-game to create something completely your own. But before you hit the range, let’s see how this system works.

New Weapons Mods


15 new gun attachments have been added in 1.06. These include sights, grips, scopes, lasers, grips, silencers, and even under-barrel launchers. Each gun has up to 3 mount points, depending on weapon type. Multiple attachments can be mounted on the individual mount points. And of course servers can mod and add any number of new custom attachments.

Attachment Modifiers


Visit the Gun Shop to see what’s new in stock. You’ll see new tooltips outlining what mount points each weapon has, and the types of weapons each attachment can mount. Each attachment has different stat modifiers affecting accuracy, recoil and recovery speed. These buffs and debuffs are shown when you hover over inventory items as well. The modifiers also stack when combining attachments.

Attachments Usage


Find a setup that best suits the situations you’ll encounter. Mount a High-Powered-Scope and Extended Barrel for long-distance overwatch. Or attach a Holo sight, Compensator, and Laser for close quarters. Remember these mods aren’t just cosmetic, but alter ballistics and handling.

Equipment Menu and Binding Rework


The Equipment menu has been reworked to show all equipped items without scrolling. Now you can equip items directly without binding in case you need to quickly switch items. And best of all, bindings are saved server-side so they’re completely restored when you rejoin later. Note that you can equip a single item in both primary and secondary slots in case you want to create 2 weapon presets for different situations.

Other Improvements and Additions


This update also features heavy networking rework and optimizations. Each player will use half the data as before and file transfers on connection should also be much faster (admins see maxTransferRate in settings.json). AI and some gangs have slightly modified loadouts, in addition to the usual fixes, improvements, and engine updates. So load up on those mods and enjoy the new mods.

Android version of the game should update (roughly) around the same time as PC today.

Here’s the full v1.06 changelog:

v1.06 Attachments Update

  • New Equipment Menu with re-worked layout
  • Can Bind items directly to desired slot
  • Can Equip items directly without binding
  • Binds now serverside and saved on disconnect
  • Updated M4 model and sights
  • Updated PPK and stats (removed fixed suppressor)
  • Borgata Blu use PPKs now
  • SpecOps now issued Sigs by default
  • SpecOps AI guards spawn with MP5s now
  • Shotgun chambers only 6 shells now
  • New particle system handling across all weapons/vehicles
  • Minor reload animation system fixes
  • 15 New Gun Mods: Sights, Underbarrel, Muzzle Attachments
  • Added Grenade Cartridge item for use with M203 Launcher
  • Added improved tooltip info for attachments
  • Added custom Physics materials to BPResources
  • Added clothing texture template to ExportExampleAssets
  • Fixed occasional client map load freezing
  • Added more sanity and crash safety checks loading apartments
  • Improved map loading error handling
  • Fixed Drunken Prison Brawl missing effects
  • Translation updates
  • Minor network sync fixes with vehicles
  • More Ammo sync fixes
  • Added Look, Chat History, and Attachment buttons to Mobile
  • Jailyard reworked as serverside only
  • Fixed bad item previews on clothing mods
  • Added SetPositionSafe to dismount players without instadeath
  • World Builder: Exception fix and improved object highlighting
  • More robust mod loading even if filenames change
  • Merged most common packets for reduced UDP header overhead
  • Added server setting for ‘maxTransferRate’ to control mod/map transfer speed
  • All entities can now have modded/multiple Collected Items when picked up
  • Added PlayerServerInfo event to GameSource
  • Fixed support for nested Command Permissions
  • Modders: Must delete Assets and re-import BPResources
  • Modders: Delete any ‘Click’ Audio and ParticleSystem components from weapons
  • Modders: Weapons should set mount points for attachments and a preset FireEffect
  • Fixed handcuffed players unable to break free in some vehicles
  • Fixed damaged Office building texture
  • Fixed Resolution change callbacks
  • Updated to latest Unity Engine patch

See you!


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