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The Apps Update brings super useful Calling, Messaging, and Banking Apps to PCs, Laptops, Phones, Tablets, and other devices.

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Apps Update Official Launch

A major update is dropping today that completely changes the way electronics are used in Broke Protocol. Phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, and more now have super useful Apps installed. Banking, messaging, and private calls are some of the first available Applications with more coming soon.

Keep Your Friends Close


Players can now keep a Contact List of friends on their phone. Add them by name or ID and keep your Contacts even if you register a new Character on a server. Custom Profile pics can be set in the Settings Menu which will represent you across all of the Apps. A social sharing App and functional camera Apps are being considered but if you have ideas of your own, let us know on the Official Discord.

Private Voice Calls


Previously, options for communication were quite limited. Especially private communication or coordinating plans over a distance. With the new App functionality, players are able to call and message each other with complete privacy and ease. After picking up a call, you can switch away from the phone and go ‘hands-free’ for coordinated heists or assassinations.

Private Messaging


Players also now have the option for privately texting friends and acquaintances. Texts are saved on the server even after re-logging or registering to keep important communications on record. Players can even message offline friends so they’ll get notified on their next login. It may sound trivial but will be important for organizing gangs and other custom jobs that may be coming in the near future. *hint hint*

Usable PCs, Laptops, Tablets, and More


Various electronics and apartment items have useful Apps too. Right now, this includes PCs, laptops, tablets, and a few others. Message or call from the comfort of a home office, or ‘borrow’ a public computer if you’ve lost your phone in the line of duty. Future Apps will see the addition of social media, games, streaming videos, and more.

Mobile Banking


Banking has been reworked as well. Withdraw cash directly from your phone as a form of electronic payment. Although cash deposits will still have to be made at ATMs. Transaction history is also now stored so you can track your spending habits.

Google Play will be updated to 1.08 at the same time as PC today. Remember it’s free and cross-play compatible with PC so get onto your account even away from home. Keep an eye out for UI fixes, optimizations, and quality of life improvements across all parts of the game too.

Here’s the full v1.08 changelog:

v1.08 Apps Update

  • Added App functionality to phones and many electronics (moddable)
  • Added Functional Apps: Contacts, Blocks, Calls, Messages, Banking, and Services
  • Private calling, messaging, and friends list all saved on server
  • Added unread message alerts to HUD
  • Added Profile Images (check Settings)
  • New Paramedic and Firefighter job behavior (in preparation for modding)
  • Added 3rd-person ragdoll camera
  • Added cleaner image fetching with caching all across UI
  • Fixed unable to fire mounted weapons when holding Shift
  • Fixed mobile joysticks stuck sometimes (InputSystem)
  • Input handling fixes and optimizations
  • Fixed performance regressions on Android
  • Some new mobile icon images
  • Added Phone hotkey and button (‘P’ by default)
  • Fixed some Job Titles/Ranks being cut off in HUD
  • Added advanced startItems property to settings.json
  • Fixed Sharing Violation and Inventory errors with multiple clients open
  • Attachment Bind/Unbind/Attach/Detach buttons mixup fixed
  • Moved useful options from Player List Menu to the Pause/Escape Menu
  • Removed player list and chat history buttons on mobile (use Pause Menu)
  • Fixed occasional error on Server join due to packets out of sync
  • Fixed sometimes seeing own head in first-person
  • Fixed ability to mount downed players
  • Fixed TransportWithinReach calculation to check InActionRange
  • Physics optimizations
  • Added ExecutionMode.Test and ExecutionMode.PostEvent to EventHandler
  • Added EntityCollections.Accounts (HashSet) for fast login lookups
  • Faster account lookups for commands and adding contacts/blocks
  • Use cache for fast item lookups
  • Time formatting cleanup and Utility functions
  • All Cl/SvPacket types changed to enums
  • Some code privatized to prevent API misuse
  • Can now invite players when inside an interior
  • Made some empty barrels have physics
  • Added /clearwanted and /deleteaccount commands (updated groups.json)
  • Facial accessory handling updated for beards and masks
  • Fixed memory leak where player records would run past capacity
  • Bans now sorted by date on client (untested performance)
  • Improved Ban and Player Record menu readability
  • Fixed graphical artifacts when rendering some mod materials
  • Servers now auto-shutdown after 1 week due to precision errors
  • Health regen capped to 50%
  • Added couple of new tips to announcements
  • Improved input handling logic when in menus
  • Tweaked sprite packing for mobile performance
  • Save on login too so IPs and Profiles are kept updated
  • Fixed occasional player inventory cache desync on login
  • Fixed bindings sometimes corrupted after respawn
  • Replace ServerInfo with generic TextPanel and helper function
  • TextPanel title can be modified (use SendTextPanel(title, text))
  • TextPanel will parse Color Codes same as chat
  • Use Text Panel to show commands usage with /help
  • Updated to latest UnityEngine 2020 patch
  • Updated to latest LiteDB
  • Updated to latest networking library

See you!


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