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Post news RSS The 2020 Update – Engine Upgrade, Processors, Fixes

The latest Update brings 2020 engine and library improvements to Broke Protocol. Performance improvements, new graphics shaders, and various fixes.

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2020 Update Official Launch

The latest 1.07a Update brings Broke Protocol and various libraries to the latest 2020 versions. Players will see performance improvements, new graphics shaders, and various fixes, especially around input handling.

Health Regen


When a player’s stats are topped up, their health would auto-regen to 100% in a recent update. This broke some of the Paramedic and Medical item meta that was established before. Now regen is capped at 75% so the Medical meta comes back into play. This balance will be further developed with player feedback so be sure to let us know on the Official Discord.

Processor Updates


Previously, processors for drug cooking and other crafting had only 1 option available. The 2020 Update allows modders to add an unlimited amount of process options. This will allow functional stoves, furnaces, crafting tables as well as ways to disassemble items into scraps. Processing times are also moddable now too.

Handcuff and Dragging Exploit Fixes


The last version brought player handcuffing and dragging, but also some issues along with it. Now players can no longer perform prison escapes or breach walls with handcuffing exploits. Some movement and rendering bugs were also fixed.

Mobile Input Improvements


Mobile controls had always been difficult, especially aiming and firing at the same time. The 2020 update makes recoil management a bit easier for mobile players. Also some crash issues and stuck movement problems have also been addressed in 1.07a. This is still a work in progress and feedback is welcome.

100K Milestone


Broke Protocol hit the 100K download milestone on Google Play this week! Big thanks to everyone who plays BP. It’s been nuts seeing the modding community and various servers grow and develop over time. Looking forward to many more milestones ahead.

Android is already updated to 1.07a. Remember mobile is cross-play compatible with PC so get onto your account even away from home.

Here’s the full v1.07a changelog:

v1.07a 2020 Update

  • Players auto-regen capped to 75% HP (medical items meta)
  • New Process Options Menu
  • Added ability to mod multiple process options and processing times
  • Fixed restrained players still able to mount vehicles
  • Fixed bp.* permissions to use live settings instead of cached
  • Fixed vehicle HP display not updating for passengers
  • Move HasPermission functions to SvPlayer to prevent misuse on client
  • SvPlayer.Groups will List all players’ groups, not just the first
  • Fixed occasional crash on join due to out of sync packets
  • Force a hard disconnect for bad connections
  • Fixed missing player tags
  • Use string names in groups.json for JobIndex, JobGroupIndex enums
  • CleanString() will enforce 64 char input limit to fix Android crash
  • Fixed occasional error in mobile chat input handling
  • Fixed mobile joysticks sometimes stuck in position
  • Fixed votekick percentage error (pass at 75% now)
  • Fixed drug testing always returning negative
  • Added ability ‘Copy Username/ID’ actions to Player List
  • No longer can deploy parachutes while restrained
  • Mobile deadzone and recoil adjustments for controllability
  • Fixed unintended action press when sending chat messages
  • Some packet handler improvements
  • Fewer action menu memory allocations
  • World Builder: Added Close button to Inventory Item Browser
  • World Builder: Toolbar shortcuts fixed (dropped Ctrl)
  • ShPlayer.currentTriggers now supports triggers nested in each other
  • Triggers no longer called on mount/dismount or re-join
  • Update to Unity 2020.1
  • Update to latest Roslyn runtime evaluator
  • Item snapshots use database for faster fetching
  • Update to Post-Processing stack V2

See you!


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