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Big thanks to the staff at PC Gamer UK for their article on ADR in their April 2009 issue, and read further for details about the issues regarding the tech demo.

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Another update so soon? Not really.

I just want to say thanks to the editor and staff from PC Gamer UK magazine for their full page article on Ashura: Dark Reign in their April 2009 issue. Just to let you guys know; you got one big typo. 'Its UT2004 not UT3'. lol

Also I want to put a few things to rest about the ADR: Tech Demo.
Yes there are many issues with the demo that we are aware of. Yes Sonic's animations look bad, Jumping doesnt look right, and yes the gameplay isnt perfect.

But that is what a Tech demo is!; an imperfect demo, just to showcase whats been achived. Tech demos don't get out to the public from the big game developers, only released internally. As there was a demand from people to play ADR; we released the tech demo, then re-released it to fix issues in the first revision and added additional features to the extended verison; such as what we refer to as 'The Unleashed Cam'.

Sonic will be polished with a better skeletal rig, animations and coloring, as will all characters in the mod. Levels will be polished, tweaked, and optimized before the final is released. First I want the level gameplay done before Sonic and the polishing begins.

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Can't wait for the next real update ^_^
Keep up the good work guys and gals ;)

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