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This is an update regarding the pre-alpha release of the game.

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So after some hard work and a lot of painting, we have come up with enough assets to develop the first area of our tech-demo. This will not contain any story or levels that will be in the final game, but is instead a way for us to learn how to use the engine that we are developing the game with.
We feel that we should cover what we have done, as well as what our goals are for the near future. As for what we have done, we can now slide and jump about, transition to new areas by interacting with objects such as doors, and have developed some snazzy background camera effects. The things we plan to develop soon include animation sets for the characters, as well as background music. Given that we are in the early stages of development, we are trying to take it slow and gradually set goals. Every day we learn a bit more, and every day that demo comes closer and closer to being completed. Once that happens, we should have enough skills and assets to begin developing the full game.

Here is a screenshot of what we have so far, just so you all can see what the game is beginning to look like.

First Area in the Pre-Alpha


Ace art direction. Aiming to use watercolours all the way through development?

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OswaldTheMagpie Author

Thank you very much, and to answer your question, yes we do. I felt that watercolour would be an interesting medium to work with, and would create some awesome effects for the game. The one downside is that I usually have to paint one subject a over and over again in order to get the perfect picture. For example, the other night I spent a few hours repeatedly painting dirt. That was entertaining!
However, as nutty as the painting can get, it is really rewarding when you finally make something that you like.

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Great to hear :) Good luck!

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