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"Straight from the announcement on Colexions.com:" Tartarus is a 2D action, platformer, with tons of items to find, enemies to fight, and a massively frightening world to explore.... We will be utilizing a three man crew, Unity3D 4 (New 2D features and some 3D), and a 12 month development cycle. With a non-linear gameplay unity was about our only option to keep it all organized and multiplatform capable...

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This is directly from the description:

"In a distant future the Earth's past will collide with the present and reveal a dangerous truth of an imprisoned nightmare that knows no conscience. It all started when a seemingly accidental crash of a lone pilot lands him on Gliese581c and a mystery spanning centuries slowly reveals itself one puzzle piece at a time, all under the haunting glow of a white dwarf cannabilising a red super giant star etching slowly to a type 1A supernova....

Revealing men thought gods, of beastly creatures with only the lust of consuming whole worlds in their minds, of pirates travelling the heavens. An epic adventure too large to ignore, with worlds to save and your life in grave jeopardy, the only escape is down under the planet's surface to learn what brought you to Gliese581c and who would booby trap a planet, to find the culprit and escape while you can. There are no friends for you here, only wits, ancient alien weapons and armor and luck. The surface makes the bravest men cower from scalding radiation of a dying star by night and the bizarre creatures that rule the day. So many have been snared on this world before but after this visit there will be only one constant...
The truth will be known. "

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