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Tanzia's beta updates with gem crafting, revamped visions and tons of bugfixing.

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Hey everybody! Another update! And this one is special!

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Yes! As of this build, you’ll be able to implant gems to your staff!
To do that, you need to either loot or buy a gem, go to one of the jewelry tables that you’ll find around the island, and implant and extract gems at will.
Remember that each staff has a different amount of gem slots, so use them wisely!

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Now the visions you experience during gameplay have voice over and are also easier to understand, players used to think that they were cutscenes of stuff happening right at that moment, but they are in fact visions of what you're supposed to do in the future, to either advance in the game or make your life easier i.e. “Learn Fireball”.
We’re still working on the tutorial quests to make them more involved and engaging, the new visions are the first step in that direction!
Not all the visions are implemented in this build, so keep checking these updates out!

Here's the full changelog for build #2475

-new gem system!
-add Jeweler's Workbench for gem crafting.
-add gem merchants.
-add gem inventory to some existing merchants.
-add gem drops to some bosses.
-add rare gems to some treasure chests.
-first 5 visions final-ish!
-move tutorial vision to immediately after staff purchase.
-move Akiri vision to immediately after acquiring enough gold to buy fireball.
-raise Ancient Temple respawn times to 30 minutes.
-added treasure chests surrounding the giant widow.
-Tika on Bear Island now sells more stuff including Enchanted Feathers.
-add Emuri scout camp to the 2 treasure chests at Turtle Beach by the Crossroads.
-Fixed: Invincibility does not stop poison damage.
-Fixed: Treasure Chest at The Docks doesn't open.
-add a backup canoe to sinking island to prevent getting stranded.
-fix hp update after death bug.
-fix map reveals not saving sometimes bug.

Thank you for reading!

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