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Video showing my amazing skills in destruction of static target.

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I've finished implementing few features related to the tank, so after testing for a while and correcting bugs, this is the first successful attempt to destroy a static target, a tank that is not moving. Unfortunately, it revealed a bug in camera code, after firing while being in a side overview mode, camera didn't restore to previous mode correctly. Will fix that. As you can see hitting static target is hard enough. Like I said before, game is very easy to learn to play, but very hard to master hitting a single moving target, even a static one, but it's even much harder when playing 3 vs 3 team death match where moving targets on the other side are trying to hit you as well.

I will make multiple maps/levels eventually, but I'm still far away from that part. In any case, the development is progressing well and as expected. There's still much to do, I'm not even half way there. I reckon maybe in a few months, but I'm thinking on releasing an early version that has only a single player mode, so players could practice, but it highly depends on the interest in the game, which is currently not as I expected back when I was starting the development. I do get contacted every few days by people asking me about the game, but during past month or so only a few dozen people asked about the game. Some were suggesting ridiculous things, so I see them as gamers who would not purchase the game. It would really be helpful if you'd contact me and let me know that this is the game you'd want to play, of course, imagining it's a really cool game with all the features I mentioned before, currently only a 70% is not implemented.

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