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After multiple years of solo development, Netherguild descends into early a long expedition into early access!

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Netherguild Trailer

Netherguild descends into Steam early access after a long time as a public demo!

In Netherguild, you play as the leader of a guild - controlling your little voxel fighters in expeditions below the earth in a desperate attempt to find a cure to a strange plague.
Explore, camp, and fight as far as you can before heading back to resupply.
What will you discover underground?

During Early Access, players will get to rediscover the Bluestone Mines Area (also present in the demo) -

-as well as the Bandit Stronghold area and The City Of Mist area - both let you push enemies into lower floors.

The Bandit Stronghold contains a bossfight as well, while the City of Mist contains an environmental hazard - the Mist itself - obstructing your vision.

The new areas also each contain their own unique enemies and loot.

You can get Netherguild here:

(Be aware that Netherguild's price will increase as more content is added to the game)

Early Access release trailer:


  • Turn Based Combat: With no attack RNG, so you can count on your units and know when to engage enemies and when to fall back.
  • Bonfires: and a food system which affects your characters with passive effects throughout their expedition.
  • Oddities: random events you discover which present choices underground.
  • Replay Value: with random equipment, random character backgrounds with different skills each playthrough and procedurally generated levels every time you descend underground mean that playthroughs feel different every time.
  • Roguelite with Persistence and Story: Keep your characters at the end of each expedition (if they survive), equip them with powerful items and level them up over time. Netherguild's story progresses the more you explore and find out about the secrets of its world.
  • Dungeon Crawling Resource Management: Balance powerful abilities across long expeditions underground.
  • Original Game World: Netherguild is unconventional low-fantasy; No Orcs, no Elves, and no wizards casting fireballs. Expect to find strange creatures, machines and denizens far underground.
  • Cute Voxel Aesthetics: Contrasted by a story with serious themes, as you face against plague and conspiracy!
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