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A new video showing some of the unique weapons that you will encounter in Syndemic.

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Experimental Antibiotics

During your adventures inside the human body, you'll collect and use a wide variety of randomly-generated antibiotics. You'll experience the strengths and weaknesses of many different types, and eventually specialize in the combinations that you like the most. However, you will occasionally come across a unique class of weapons called 'experimental antibiotics'.

Rare and powerful, but somewhat risky to use, these chemicals will fundamentally change the way your microbe plays. Enemies that once threatened your survival will be destroyed with ease, but in the process, you'll drain large portions of your energy, leaving you with little resources left to flee.

Each experimental antibiotic has been bio-engineered for a specific purpose: some chemicals leave a trail of volatile energy as they spread, others blast pathogens with a whirling cyclone of devastation, and still others explode like a microscopic atomic bomb. Use them frequently to clear a path to your goal, or save them for champions and bosses that don't respond to normal antibiotics.

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