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“Nobody said that designing and programing one of the most replayable GAMES in history was going to be a simple task.”... Part 1...

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Greenlight Survival Diary 1

Greetings people...

Thanks to the current state of our game "Survival Diary" has reached maturity enough so that we can start to show content, We wanted to inaugurate a new section of videoblogs where we are going to show you week by week all the advances that we are going to get .

To inaugurate our new section, we want to start by talking about the main menu, which we have already added various animations, such as water falling through the window, the candle or even the smoke that expels; We also have included some effects of brightness in each and every one of the clickable elements of the menu, of which now only three work, which are the window to be able to leave the game, the book to start a new adventure, or The note where he already has included the provisional section of credits of "Survival Diary".

We will inform you little by little during these weeks of all the advances that we are going to obtain.

Thank you very much for watching this video and see you at the next videoblog.

Survival Diary Videoblog 1 1Survival Diary Videoblog 1 2

Survival Diary Videoblog 1 3Survival Diary Videoblog 1 4

Survival Diary 2

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