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Supernovas are one of the coolest new twists coming to Auralux: Constellations!

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We have big plans for Auralux: Constellations, and the most exciting is right in the title: new “constellations” of levels! Each constellation features a single new twist to the old Auralux gameplay, and each twist breathes new life into the game.

One of my favorite constellations introduces a new object called a Supernova. When you first see it, a Supernova looks like this:

super empty

(Please note: All of these graphics are in development! They’re real in-engine screenshots, but the look might change before the game comes out.)

The Supernova is sort of like a bomb. Left alone, it won’t do anything. However, players can choose to invest their units into it. As units enter the Supernova, it will grow and grow in size:

super full

Eventually, it will explode, destroying all enemy units within a certain radius, which looks something like this:


Since it destroys all enemies within its radius while sparing friendly ones, the Supernova can turn the tide of a battle in an instant. Some Supernovas are enormous, capable of eliminating every single enemy unit on the map. Trying to trigger one of these large Supernovas too quickly can be expensive, leaving you defenseless in the early game, but letting an enemy trigger it is almost always a bad move. You always have to be thinking about whether it’s the right time to attack.


Other Supernovas are smaller. They don’t require as large an investment to trigger, but they have a much more limited radius. If you keep your units away from them, the Supernova won’t be able to destroy them. Unfortunately, they’re often positioned at the most strategically useful locations.


Small Supernovas are great defensive tools. If you have one near some of your own planets, you can defeat a large attack in one fell swoop. But once it’s been triggered, the Supernova takes a long time to reset. It’s powerful, but not foolproof.

The Supernova is a perfect example of how we want to expand Auralux. It elegantly fits into Auralux’s other gameplay mechanics. It doesn’t require any new controls, and it’s easy to understand once you see it in action. Sometimes useful, sometimes dangerous, but it always makes for interesting gameplay.


New features like the Supernova allow us to experiment without detracting from the core elements that make Auralux great. And we have a lot of other twists to share soon. Keep an eye on this blog (or Twitter, or Facebook) for updates!

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