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Hey everyone, It appears the move to V4 of moddb wiped a couple of newsposts we had up. Here's a summery on the news for the past month or so.

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Beta Patch 1

Back in October we released a followup patch for our Beta client. The patch squashed a few bugs and added in some new content. A full list of mirrors and information can be found here.

(click image to see a list of download mirrors)

Patch 2

Patch 2 is in final internal testing, it should be released sometime soon once we've polished it all off. Patch 2 adds in newer content, changes some balancing and fixes a few errors that slipped int Patch 1. Expect that soon.


We post a weekly development blog on our forums each sunday. They contain all sorts of informations, works in progress, general community news, updates to the mod and a whole bunch of things. Make sure to check out the forums each sunday night!

Interviews and Reviews

As you may hve already known, we've been featured in a few magazines and on gaming websites since the release of our beta client:

Exclusive Interview with EA.

We had a chance to have an interview with EA Apoc, the community manager for the Command & Conquer series last month, we're the first (and only) mod to ever be advertised by the official company and/or on the official Command & Conquer website. Thus strengthening our relations with Electronic Arts in a goal to provide the fans with a great product in the future that can be enjoied by everyone. To read the interview click here.



Spotlighting during C&C Battlecast Primetime Episode 3

EA Apoc gave us a shotout during his regular 'community corner' segment on the Command & Conquer Battlecast Primetime internet tv show (thats a mouthfull) we got quite a bit of exposure from that and Apoc has told us he wants to do more things with us in the future. You can see the footage here, just select episode 3 and watch it (it's around the 15 min mark)

eGames Magazine (German)

Our leader, Chronojam was asked to be interviewd for the eGames magazine mod of the week section back in October, they though it went well so they decided to review us as well. You can check them both our here (review) and here (interview). You can read the English translations here.

Game Informer Magazine

One of our fans spotted a little article in Game Informers 'Modworld' which we got featured in. This was an independant review which we didn't know they'd do so lucky for us a fan spotted it and submitted a scan for us to post. Click here to see the article.



PC Zone Magazine

In November we were featured in PC Zones 'Freeplay' section, it might not be the best of reviews, but beggers can't be choosers, or somehting like that anyway. Click here to read the scan.

Mod of the Year 2007

As some of you may know, we've been voted into the top 100 mods for the past two awards (2005, 2006) and have come runners up in Level design in 2004.

This year we hope to do one better, we're now classed as an Indy game as we are Standalone now, with permission from Electronic Arts of course, if you've enjoyed playing our mod please nominate us by visiting our moddb profile and clicking the big 'nominate' button. If you haven't tried out the game yet, what are you waiting for? Head over here and download the latest version today!

Happy voting!

- drunkill



Don't forget APB was Mod of the Month in the latest issue of PC Gamer (US).

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