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This is the last and final bit of the basic storyline expansion. This expansion features the last 3 chapters of Star Apocalypse's storyline.

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This is the last and final bit of the basic storyline expansion. This expansion features the last 3 chapters of Star Apocalypse's storyline. Take your time please to read it!

Once the survivors arrived at the stations, they were immediately let into the docking bays. The docking bays remained open though on one station. Also, they were granted access to any part of the station. They managed to get an advanced colony ship from the hangar, together with a huge load of people, and they headed back to a nebulae and asteroid filled remnants of a galaxy.

A few days later, they arrived at the outskirts of a once prosperous sector with many space-based industries. Some of the stations there were still semi-intact, but were scattered with dead bodies trapped inside and floating around it. They were still horrified with their sensor readings. If they had returned just a day earlier, they could still save most people, but now, there were only some faint life signals coming from the least damaged stations.

The returned ships didn't waste any time, and immediately set up a rescue operation to save the last surviving people. Some people were in perfect condition, but most were suffering from radiation sickness or were seriously injured. It seemed that some of them were surely going to die on the crowded ships. They cared the wounded and gave the dying a painless death.

Then they moved on to salvage most stations with the salvaging vessels. Most ships and parts of the stations were built into a huge mega structure which could support life. It also had basic refining and manufacturing capabilities. Eventually, they needed resources to continue construction, so they used the wormholes to travel and find materials.

This was very effective. After a few months of continuous hauling, the station was practically fully operational. It had entertainment, production facilities, medical facilities and a minor shipyard. Most of the functions were done by computers. They had reprogrammed many of the industrial devices to work together with the other parts. They were also programmed to be able to do a large variety of functions.

Eventually, most of the station's population started to explore the surroundings. The surrounding areas were in about the same conditions. Some were feeling sad, while others saw it as a time of endless opportunities. There were huge amounts of territories and resources up for grabs. Many people soon realized this, and started to explore the boundless surrounding. Some of the tiny ships were never seen again, while most returned after a few days to weeks. They spoke of untold riches up for grabs, if you ventured past the dangerous nebulae. This excited many of the people on board the station. After a week weeks, countless of people were venturing out into the unknown.

The people also realized that they needed a new date system, as the previous one became useless. They introduced a date system, which was called 'Post Star Apocalypse' or in short PSA. It had a time unit which was quite similar to old Earth's time system, but it had one major difference: instead of 12 months, there were 10 months. Every month had 4 weeks. And instead of 7 days a week, 10 days a week. The first star date was '0-0-0-1'. The format was 'Y-M-W-D'. It took the people some weeks to adjust to it, but eventually everyone was happy with it. It marked a total new era for humanity. They didn't even want to go to the huge stations and stay locked up forever. And indeed, it was a new era, for some, but long not for everyone.

After a few years, there were several small stations outside the home station. Due to this, the people started venturing deeper and deeper into unknown territory. Space seemed to be boundless, but eventually the old computers recognized the wormhole locations and patterns. They were in a sector which was originally very close to former Earth. They hoped that there were survivors in the Sol system. The system still had the huge fortified structures still in place which were built during the great civil war.

Immediately, some convoys were sent out to locate the Sol system. It was found after 2 days of exploration. What they found was a new glimmer of hope for the survivors in the system. The former fortifications were crammed full with people. The docking bays were heavily damaged though, so no ships could dock or undock. This didn't stop the convoys from trying to rescue the survivors. They hailed the stations. They immediately got a response. Most of the people were still in a very good shape, with only a few suffering from radiation sickness. They were happy that these people had arrived. Immediately, the convoys placed their airlocks next to the hull of the station, and remote installed new airlocks on the still semi-intact hull. Then some teams start cutting through the hull and reinforcing the sides. Eventually, they reach one of the major halls in the station. Meanwhile, the same was going on at the other stations.

After 2 busy days, all of the people were rescued. In the meantime, the ships ventured deeper into Sol. They found some former governmental structures, heavily damaged, but some parts were still perfectly intact. They detected that those parts were crammed with survivors. After 1 day, those were also rescued. When the Sol system was completely evacuated, it seemed that many of them hoped that the navy would come and rescue them. They never came. Eventually, they gave up hope. But they didn't want to die, as eventually the fleet should show up. It was also noted that a part of the fleet ventured outside the galaxy, and would be coming for the Sol system.

A few months later, the remnants of a huge Terran fleet were found lingering just outside the galaxy. Seemingly, they were swept away by a huge shockwave from a nearby star, and had been drifting away for some time. There were no survivors. They did salvage many parts of the fleet, which led to another technological boost. Now the population started to grow really big. In the meantime, they ferried more people to the main station as it’s housing capacity increased.

After a few years, a sprawling economy had risen up, with many seeking their own fortunes. There was a central policing force in the core systems, but outside, the people could do what they wanted. There was a little sense of authority outside the police force.


This situation remained so for about 20.000 years in historical records. But then, a great darkness arrived. It was an illness which seemed to have resulted from an experiment to cure radiation illness. It made people suddenly die without any pre-symptoms except for minor headaches. The researchers who also had the antidote for this were already dead.

After several years, the population had declined from 1200B to 20 million. It seemed that this was a great era of fear. Eventually, one of the most remote stations decided to move all people's minds onto a giant computer. Then once the disease would be gone, they would be loaded back into prepared bodies or robotic bodies. It was also decided that they would move out once the new civilizations would settle. They calculated that this would take another billion years at the least. They put themselves into stasis, and would be awakened once the station detected that the colony ships were undocking.

In this period, the populations on the extra-galactic stations were put into stasis. Much knowledge got lost in that period of stasis due to hardware failures over the times.

The undocking eventually happened. Since the disease was still there, they uploaded the entire computer databases in each one's minds. They then moved into the robotic bodies, and hopped on board of their tiny craft. By this time, the colony ships had already arrived at their destination systems. The survivors hyperspaced to the newly found colonies with maximum speed.


Once arrived, they tried to contact the races, but their language had inherently changed. They had some trouble contacting at first, but later they could. Some races accepted their help, while others refused their help, so those who were refused moved on to other races.

This era also became known as a new era. It marked another beginning.

You have now been fully instructed to become the first space emperor of our empire. May your rule lead us to untold riches, fortune, peace and happiness. Good luck!


This was the basic storyline expansion! We'll keep you up to date within the future!

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