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After previous week's release of the first 3 major chapters of the storyline, the next pieces get released!

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Hey all,

this is our 2nd update for the storyline!

This part features these chapters:
- First contact and the 2nd interstellar war
- The end
- Race for conservation


There were still minor conflicts, but the Terrans were united at large into an empire and several mega corporations which had their own territories.

Around the year 3000 the Terrans got into contact with the first other race. It was a friendly encounter, with both sides helping each other to fight a common foe. This enemy would later be known as the Thorggdem, a very aggressive race.

A few years went by peaceful it seems, until a huge battle takes place in the Zirtkash system, a busy trading hub. In one day, 21 billion Terrans lose their lives in what is the most costly incident since the civil war. The next few years, records speak of a slow progress of the enemy, at the cost of an untold amount of Terran lives. Eventually, the Terrans manage to gain some minor victories. Several years later, the Terrans pushed the Thorggdem out of their territory. The total pricetag of Terran lives for this war seems to be around 700 billion Terrans.

We only have very small amounts of footage of this war and the recovered territories. What we see on the footage we got are some fleets flying through debris fields and asteroid fields. The people on board that single ship were talking while being frightened and amazed at the same time. It seems that the Thorggdem devastated these territories in a way that was never seen before.

In the end, the Thorggdem knew they would lose, but they decided that if they would go down, the Terrans would go down too. This led them to construct a doomsday device which would eradicate all life from the universe as it was known to be. This was suggested by Terran intelligence which had infiltrated the Thorggdem deeply.

A few months later, the Doomsday device was set off in what would have been the final battle against the Thorggdem. The entire Terran fleet got destroyed immediately, together with the last Thorggdem stronghold.

The largest conservation project was started throughout all Terran controlled galaxies. The other races didn't want to come with the Terrans, as they thought that the wave would never reach their home galaxy. After several weeks, the Terrans had major stations up outside any galaxies. They were outfitted with very advanced technology. In order to prevent a certain extinction of the race, they didn't place any of the would-be survivors in stasis until everything was sorted. They made the stations as big as planets, with huge cities, venues and other things on them. There were several segments on each station which were totally isolated from each other. Each station also contained several colony ships, one colony ship per segment.

After 1 year, already most of the galaxies were extinct except for a few scarce survivors. These survivors would be left to die a lonely death. Amazingly enough, some stations survived the huge shock waves and had large ships fitted with hyperdrives on them. The locations of the major stations were broadcasted to every station before the shock wave arrived, so that any people could still head out for them.

There were large amounts of stations, as every industrially capable region had to build as many as they could of them. About 9000 billion Terrans resided on the stations. There was a major central communications station which managed all communications between the stations.

After several years, a faint part of the shock wave reached some stations. Some stations got damaged, including the communications station. This station self-destructed itself due to a computer problem. The computer thought it was being hacked, but in fact, a part of it's data got corrupted due to damage. These incidents happened on several other stations, where segments were totally blacked out and the people died because of a lack of oxygen.

Eventually, the situation stabilized. In the meantime, most survivors within the galaxies headed for the nearest big stations. Eventually, some of them gathered up and rescued many more people from stations which had their life support systems failing. After a few weeks, big convoys were hyperspacing towards the extragalactic stations.

But then the real impact happened. Suddenly, all stars went nova at the same time, causing huge shock waves. Any fleets trying to do further rescue attempts were utterly destroyed within minutes. The people on board the ships heading for the stations were very confused and sad at first, but later they pulled themselves together and continued heading for the stations.

The coming parts are taken from the huge wreckage and derelict ship fields which we've found. Next to that, parts are also taken from the few scarce survivors of the coming eras.

Up for next week:
- A slight hope
- The Dark era
- Fresh beginnings

Till the next time!

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