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More parts of the storyline becoming available for fans!

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we will post regular updates on the storyline soon. These will all be listed on a coming wiki and depict the storyline of Star Apocalypse in a greater detail.

List of episodes of the major storyline:

parts in bold will be posted now. Parts in italics will be posted next week. And finally, parts which are underlined will be posted within 2 weeks.
<!-- - Introduction
- First beginnings
- The first interstellar war

- First contact and the 2nd interstellar war
- The end
- Race for conservation

- A slight hope
- The Dark era
- Fresh beginnings

Get ready for the first part of the storyline!


Much data was lost over the millennia, but we tried to recover as much as possible.

At present, only very few people have access to the vast databases of the central computer. As far as we know, it is one of the largest databases ever made. The size didn't make management easy. There was no real index about what the database contained. This must indicate that they had to build these huge databases in a hurry.

You will start your journey through history in the earliest public records currently available.

The coming events will all be placed in Earth time. Earth was our homeworld eons ago, but Earth doesn't exist any more. More of this later.

2084 AD
Earth does its first attempt of building an interplanetary colony ship. It is not known what happened to the ship, but it is known that it incited a war. Likely, the colony ship was destroyed in the war.

2084 AD - 2091 AD
A devastating war rages on Earth, destroying much of the infrastructure and killing countless of people. The war was eventually ended with none of the sides having gained any real territory of benefits. After this war, Earth's political and military situation stays volatile for a few decades.

2108 AD
The first planet in Earth's system gets colonized. It seems that Earth's situation was still volatile around this time, but it is also clear that it weren't nations fighting against each other any more. Records don't speak any more about several nations, but about one nation and several influential groups. Apparently, Earth's governments have united into one nation.

We don't know much about the next decades and centuries, so we will skip those.
Next up is the first interstellar war.

This era of the history of humanity is one of the most destructive ever. During this time, billions of people get slaughtered or lose everything they had built. This era was the first showcase of a major interstellar war.

Before, the people of Earth were still united under the Terran Federation. This was a huge government, and it made sure that the economy kept running and that social and safety standards were met.

Terran expansion relied on the discovery of wormholes. Expansion also fuelled the inner systems' economy. It kept the economical pressure low for the systems which were already beginning to enter an advanced stage of development. This system was sufficient as long as expansion kept going.

In the last few decades before the major interstellar war, expansion came to an abrupt halt. No new wormholes had been discovered for 30 years. With the rim systems starting to develop, it became clear that the system was going to come crashing down for the core systems.

To counter this, the Terran Federation started increasing taxes for the newly developing systems. This created a lot of tension. We believe that this tension caused the war.

2402 AD
A group of fringe-worlds, the Coalition of Independent Worlds, declares independence from the Terran Federation. This officially opens hostilities. The next few weeks, many fringe-systems declare allegiance to the CIW. The Terran Federation can't stop all rebellions and decides to move into defensive positions.

2407 AD
After several years of border skirmishes, the first real big battle takes place. Both sides having built up their fleets, they engage each other in a system called 'Triapsis'. The system didn't have any real economical importance, but it did have a strategic importance. It was a so called 'node'. This meant that it was a junction of several wormhole clusters. This system was critical to control the clusters. Since the CIW, who controlled these clusters, gained an enormous amount of resources from the linked systems, it was an important system to take.

The battle lasted for several weeks. Firstly, the CIW seemed at the upper hand, because they had entrenched themselves deeply by placing many minefields. But in the 3rd week, the TF made a major breakthrough. They managed to destroy the 3rd fleet, a major part of the CIW armada, by a surprise attack through a hazardous nebulae. The CIW lost many of their carriers and other larger ships.

The next few weeks, the CIW was constantly fighting a defensive war. By 8 June 2407 AD the CIW had been pushed back to the wormhole, where they tried to make a last stand. Although the TF still suffered substantial losses during the last assault, it was victorious after 6 hours. The CIW had retreated in direction of their core systems.

2407 AD - 2414 AD
The isolated CIW clusters were taken over by the TF. This struck a major blow to the CIW war effort.

Not much is known from the period between 2414 AD and 2459 AD. Most of the historic records of this period have been lost.

2459 AD - 2460 AD
TF central command receives many reports from captains that the CIW has ships of untold speed and power. It is rumoured that a new type of power generation had been invented by the CIW. During 2459 and 2460 these reports intensify a lot. TF central command issues an order to try to capture a ship with this new type of power generation.

2467 AD
By this time, the TF fleet had been on the run from the CIW for 5 years. The new CIW ships fueled this sudden change of the war. The TF didn't manage to capture any of these new ship types, but what it did discover was that there were gravitic anomalies at the core of the ship. This indicated that the power generation had to do with gravity. This puzzled TF scientists, as it was still impossible to manipulate gravitic fields at such an intensity. The TF scientists tried to convince central command that such a CIW ship was critical to the TF's survival.

2474 AD
At last the TF manages to capture a gravitation-powered ship class of the CIW. Within the same year, the ship gets entirely reverse-engineered and the first TF ships get retrofitted with this power generation type, now dubbed 'Singularity Power Generation'.

2476 AD - 2481 AD
As the CIW still continues to advance towards Earth's system, the TF decides to start pulling up massive defensive installations in Earth's system. By 2481 AD, the defences are ready and operational, but the CIW is already in the immediate area of Earth's system. The CIW already makes attempts to venture into Earth's system, but all these attempts end in an unfortunate way for the CIW. The CIW decides to continue developing new equipment and construct new ships in high speed for the coming years.

2501 AD
After many preparations, the CIW does a mass-assault at Earth's system. They manage to secure an initial bridgehead. The next 2 years the rest of Earth's system will be captured, and the TF will officially surrender after Earth had been besieged for 2 months.

This effectively ends the first interstellar war. This war was extremely destructive and had proven that interstellar war on such a scale and intensity had to be avoided at all costs.

It took the Terrans roughly 250 years to recover from this war and to grow further.

Next up is the first contacts with Alien species and the second interstellar war.

This was it for now! Enjoy!

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