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Woah, that was pretty fast! Let’s have a closer look at how it all happened.

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Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely year. I certainly have, as I’ve spent most of it working on Story of a Cube. To put a prefect end to it all, I got an email from Steam only an hour and a half before midnight on New Year’s Eve saying that Story of a Cube had been greenlit. Yaaay! So let’s have a look at how it all happened.

I launched Story of a Cube on Steam Greenlight on the 21st of December. On the first and second day it received quite a bit of traffic as it showed up on the front page of Steam Greenlight. Most of the traffic was from within the Steam client. Visitors from Twitter, Facebook and even IndieDB were rather few. Most likely because people can’t bother signing into Steam, especially with their two-factor verification.
I also noticed that I got on the front page of the Community which probably helped too.

After the game left the front page of Greenlight the votes started becoming fewer and fewer. I guess that was to be expected.

In the end I never even made it to the top 100. I managed to get up to 88% at one point though. Looking at the graphs on the stats page from time to time it would seem that I had a rather large amount of yes-votes compared to the number of visitors. At one point the game at #100 had 400 votes after 30 days, while I had 700 after 8 days. Since they were in the top 100 and I wasn’t I figured they had more traffic than I did. More visitors and fewer yes-votes. So I guess what really matters the most isn’t how popular your game is but how many of your visitors (no matter how few) would vote yes. If you plan on launching a Greenlight campaign my advice would be to focus on the traffic from within Steam and try to make sure that as many people vote as possible.

Here are my final stats:

This means that Story of a Cube will be launching on Steam! Yaaay!
When you launch on Steam, I think it’s a good idea to take advantage of Steam’s many features. I’ll be integrating Steam Achievements, Trading Cards and hey, how about some Workshop integration? I’ve actually started working on a level editor.

It’s nothing special yet, but the plan is to let people make their own levels and share them thought the Steam Workshop. The level editor is going to take a lot of work but I think it will be worth it.

That’ll be it for today. Happy New Year everyone!

drjd24 - - 299 comments

Heck of a new years eve surprise! Congrats :) (aka: i can't wait to get this ^_^ )

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F3000 Author
F3000 - - 12 comments

Thanks :D

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