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Post news RSS Still working on our Alpha, and a peek at the UI

So we're still making headway through our Alpha of Illuna's Nightmare. While we're doing this I thought it would be nice to have others peek into the evolution of the most important asset on the screen: The UI/HUD the player will use.

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  • Concept: So the initial drawing was to have a large floral arrangement to represent the player health. The crystals are a power source for Illuna's weapons, while the 'dolls' (I'll explain the quotes shortly) are for bombs, and the crosses represents the players lives left.
  • First Iteration: I did what I could to cut out the concept image and put it in the game as a prototype. As you can see, with coloring, it was horrible to look at but gave us a decent idea of how it was all to tie together.
  • Second Iteration: OMG COLOR! We found that, while having everything colored here (health would actually have the percent of health remaining. Gotta love GUIText). Oddly, due to some miscommunication, the dolls became teddy bears. We ultimately decided our original idea, where they were distinctly NOT teddy bears (I'd explain why but that would be spoiling story line here)
  • Third Iteration: Another problem with the last UI was the 'pop' factor. the crystals did fit the overall design. The dolls were too dark, as were the crosses and even the vine around everything. So a redraw of about everything happened. A happy accident turned the dolls, originally envisioned as dragon-like, into devils. We finally found a chance to get the roses in, but only as a static image. We're planning to have the roses wilt as the player's health lowers.

This is by no means complete, the process always evolves!

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