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Graphics, Controllers, and Mods (Oh My); Major Update.

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There have been some major updates to Steampunk Depths since we launched our Kickstarter on the 8th. Kck.st

We have completely reworked our tiles and our tiling engine this week. The new engine is much more efficient and the tiles are now equal in resolution to the rest of the project. And if you ask me our artist Bahototh did an amazing job! These tiles are still WIP and while the demo only highlights one set of tiles we are excited to reveal more of our themes as development continues. If you have a suggestion for a theme you would like to see feel free to comment on the project or message us through our Discord community Discord.gg. Additionally in response to a popular request we have added the ability to should switch to allow players even more options on how they take on each run of the Labyrinth. We welcome your feedback and constructive criticism and hope to hear from more of you in the future.

In this video we also have some WIP music that one of our composers is currently working on. I personally already love the sound he is curating for the game. We are trying to avoid sounding the same as most other games in our genre and I think our composers are both doing a great job!

As part of our efforts to eventually port this game to the Xbox One, and hopefully more platforms in the future, we have also added gamepad support. This gamepad support is alpha level but I can already tell how much I am going to love playing with a controller from now on. Currently the controller must be attached before the game is launched, and if disconnected must be reconnected to continue play, however we are currently hard at work on solutions to these issues. The aiming system is also a bit rudimentary but we are currently working on refining the twin-stick targeting mechanics to make this experience even smoother.

While not included in our playable builds we also wanted to announce and further discuss our run-based mod system. Inspired by the mod systems of PubG and Apex Legends. While I am not a huge online multiplayer person (Skyrim and Fallout are my most played games), I did find some fun in these online shooters. While I have only gotten a W on each of these games once (I'm a Noob... I know) there is one thing I did enjoy in these titles. The ability to fully load out a weapon each run inspired me and reminded me of what I love of the rouge-like genre. The mod system in our game aims to take this feel to the next level. With mods that add elemental damage to your weapons, add radar, new fire modes, or even new bombastic abilities to your weapon. each run. This run based mod system is designed to make each gun you unlock feel even more unique as each run you may find new mods, or combine them differently. Each gun has four slots and mods vary in rarities from common to ancient. We currently have this system almost completely ready to showcase. We are currently working on getting the UI elements sprites and adding content to the system.

A small taste of our mod UI

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Stay tuned for our next update. We are currently getting the Hub, dialogue system, and the mod system polished up for our next release.

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