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A short overview of the current development status and our road map.

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we got a few questions regarding the status of the game so we think we should give you a short status update.

To sum it up: We're shortly before beta status. We're mostly working on sounds the last few days and of course hunting down as many bugs as we can find. If everything goes as planned (which it probably won't) we will do some extensive friends and family testing over the next week. If you wan't to be a part of that you can follow us on our facebook side which currently consists mostly of friends and family. (a very exclusive club :) )

As for our release plan. We really want to release the game this year but as we're all freelancers who need to bring food to the table and save some money for christmas presents we need to see if that plan really works out.

We also want to release on iOS and Google Play Store simultaneously as an universal smartphone and tablet app but maybe it will be iOS only for the beginning, as we we still need to figure out how to get enough android devices to proper test the game.

We also plan to make a free web demo of the game which we want to release shorty before the mobile version so that people don't need to do a blind bargain and maybe get some press attention up front.

And there is still another obstacle we have to face as we are in the process of founding a new company under which name we can release the game. This makes it not impossible to release it this year but as sure as hell will be tough.

So that's it for the day. Let the bug hunting continue :)

Have a good weekend,


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