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this is the 2nd state of the mod, and progress report.

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first some changes in our plans have been made, since we have no sceners, new scenes are going to a 2nd pririty, and properly won't be implented in 3.0, still is still a big question mark though.

also, the men who was placing our settlements, is going trough a hard time in real life, and there for the map will be a bit less acurate then plannes, and wish him well!

as soon as he is back, he will finish the historicall map.

That brings the state of the mod in a bit more slow progress, since I am doing most of the work at the moment,

I am trying to fix the tournaments, + I am adding in the new companions.
also I have been working on Ilyria and Iberia.

since Macedonia is done in big lines.

I also fixed the bug, that some scenes were just messed up.

This all leads to a bit of a anoying situation in the development,
But ofcourse, i will just work twice as hard to bring all of you our 3.0

I know I promised some previews this week, but I do not have them, and I am really sorry for this!

a side note, as you all have noticed the main post has changed :P


Good luck ! And thanks for the news !

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dion1195 Author

well, alot of people play it, and it would be unfair to letit die for all of the good fine lads out there supporting us.

I might add some supprises to 3.0 for al of you fine lads waiting :P

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