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Reference material and information about the project.

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I started this project on a modding forum about a month ago. It didn't catch much attention, as to be expected. But, I liked the community there and the people do great work. I will still be using the forums there, so if you're interested you can find them here, Dark Creation Forum.

As well, I have a few documents going into details of the game itself. I have a started bible that I will finish as a sort of guide. I have a page of the mechanics describing both gameplay and technical features. And finally is a rough, and I mean very rough, timeline of the games main story. All of these links allow for comments so any questions, suggestion, or comments are welcome.

The three large things I want to start working on first are:

- Characters: I have some good ideas for characters, but only a handful of them. So, work needs to be done to make more and finalize character personalities. Starting dialogue writing to get a rough draft of a script is also on the list.

-Side missions: Again, I have some ideas but not enough to fill the game to what I want. So, storylines, characters(redundant), new factions. Flesh out the world some.

-Art: This isn't super important right now, but having something to show as concept art for this project would really help. Also a new, not terrible logo.

I'll be making some job posting for these, but if you're interested in join you can still fill out the recruitment from now.

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