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We just released a new update for StarLust! The new version has a few major bug fixes and new content. We also talk about the plans for our next major update!

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So our last minor update had some major bugs in it and we wanted to push a new one out quickly. We made sure to test this update much more as well! The bugs in the last version are fixed and the game is running very stable! Follow the instructions on our download links for updating (or just delete the old folder and download the new one).

Bug Fixes and New Content
Here's a quick rundown of the major bug fixes:

  • Fixed planet structures not showing up on the GUI making it difficult to tell what structures were built and impossible for the player to delete
  • Fixed issue where if a player was quick enough they could build infinite planet structures and break/crash the game
  • Fixed issue where the player's queued items on the planet would not clear after loosing the planet. This would allow starbases or structures to still appear on the planet after loosing it
  • Fixed repair bay only reaching half of the gravity well

We also added in some cool new features/content. The content additions were pretty small, mostly just changing the look of the anti-missile platforms to differentiate them from the other starbase expansions. The big feature we added is analytics for our game. Right now this is mostly for us to gather information on how the game is played but down the road we'll be able to show cool events like how many total ships have been destroyed in our game, how many planets have been colonized, what types of ships/weapons do players use, etc. This will be very beneficial in balancing the game and a cool way for players to see how we're all playing the game!

The Plans for the Future!
We'd like this to be the last small update for a while. I know its a pain to keep manually downloading and updating the game. We want it to be really worth your time and while we work on a better system for getting updates out we are going to slow down the updates and work on a major update.

This means that the next major update should be version 0.2.0a! We have some big plans for it and hopefully it won't take us too long to implement most of them but we'll see! Here are some of our goals:

  • Have all manufacturers available in the ship designer!
  • Better game balance
  • Better unit movement! We seriously need an overhaul on our lame unit avoidance. We're going to try and implement a much better unit avoidance solution
  • Performance increases, especially with our sight and missile logic which seems to lag the game the most right now
  • A singleplayer mode! That's right, hopefully in version 0.2 you'll be able to play by yourself! We're not talking skirmish AI sadly, if we end up doing that it will be very difficult and take a long time. For now this is going to be a whole new game mode, most likely a survival based game mode where you can bring in your custom ships and see how long you can survive against an onslaught of enemies!

I know that was a giant wall of text and if you made it all the way to the end you deserve a reward! Here are some gifs I recorded during testing of the newest alpha version!

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